Things I Learned in April

I’m linking up over at Chatting at the Sky. You can find March and February here.

In April, I learned…

1. I love my dryer.

2. Scott and I taught ourselves how to replant hydrangeas. And oak leaf hydrangeas. And azaleas. And Japanese Andromeda.  We also learned that we have hydrangeas, azaleas and Japanese Andromeda.  To name a few.

3. All of the digging up and replanting How much easier it is to tear apart your yard than the inside of your house. It seems more resilient and less precious somehow. And our house just happened came complete with full grown plants to rearrange.

R Planting

4. Easter dinner is WAY easier to prepare than Thanksgiving dinner. More on that later.

5. I love living here! I mean, I enjoyed the winter.  Cozy nights by the fire and all that. However.  Beach. Beach and sun win every time.  Even yard work is amazing in the warm weather.

S&R Beach

Prince loves it too.

Prince Outside

6. Rachel Zoe has a “daily dose of glamour” email. I signed up. I usually try to be discerning about what I read and take in.  Just like you “are what you eat.”  But I can’t help myself! I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Zoe and always love the celebrities she styles.  Kate Hudson, hello.

7. And lastly, I learned that Shakespeare is definitely meant to be experienced live.  I’d heard it before, but I’ve never seen one of his plays live.  A few weekends ago I went to the New York Shakespeare Exchange’s ShakesBEER.  Basically professional actors performing scenes from Shakespeare, live in a bar. Several bars in a bar crawl actually.  The scene I saw was hilarious!  And I know if I had read it in a book I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it.  As it was, I couldn’t stop laughing.  ShakesBEER



One thought on “Things I Learned in April

  1. Now THAT is one awesome bar crawl! And yes, I agree that Easter is a way easier meal than Thanksgiving :). Stopping by via Chatting at the Sky. Enjoy the day!

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