I bought two new bathing suits in anticipation of vacations and living near the beach for the first time in my life. I washed said bathing suits so they’d be ready to go. Our dryer is broken (insert grumpy homeowner face). So my loads of laundry have been a random assortment of “what will we need to wear this week and what can wait.” So I was washing Scott’s work pants and threw my bathing suits in just because I wanted them.

As I was pulling the load out to hang to dry on various surfaces around the house I noticed a blue, inky, accountant-y pen in the bottom of the dryer. Ooooh Scott Michael, you need to empty your pockets!!! The pen was closed and I didn’t immediately see any splotchy blue clothing. I was wary but went about my business.

Until I found THIS.


Uuuuughh. And not a spot on Scott’s pants. (Which is actually a good thing, I know.) But what is ironic about this?

The other bathing suit I bought is a solid color. Called INK BLOT…

A dark navy blue which would have hidden a dark blue accountant pen ink blot. Oh irony, you cruel fiend.

So. Do I buy a new bathing suit bottom? Or deal with it?


5 thoughts on “Irony

  1. New bathing suit bottoms and stuff the ruined ones in Scott’s pant pockets and make him take it to work. (I love those pretty colors!)

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