The Best Outfit I Ever Wore

I like to think of my corner of the bedroom as my dressing area.  I have big plans for pretty mirrors and girl-ifying.  We may end up turning that area into a master bathroom, but that is years down the road and momma’s gotta add some pink and sparkle where she can!

So my first project in my dressing area was to order some canvas prints of the detail shots from the best outfit I ever wore.  My wedding dress, obviously.

Oh my, I love it!

Dressing Area

Dressing Area 3Dressing Area 2Dressing Area 4Between these and the larger canvas I ordered of Scott and I for the living room I may be tapped out for wedding photos in our house.  But this eye candy makes me smile.  And encourages me to keep putting things on the wall to make our home our own. It’s quick and easy and warms the room right up.

Next up – I want to paint the vanity.  A friend suggested shiny black paint, almost like lacquer. I also could go glossy white.  There is such detail on this desk, I want to do it up right.  I’d welcome thoughts.




4 thoughts on “The Best Outfit I Ever Wore

  1. Love that vanity! You could also do something really fun like a soft teal, mint, or powder blue. Do a google image search for Annie Sloan paint- you won’t be disappointed!! 🙂

  2. Hi! I love your canvas prints!!! I want to see your wedding photos again soooo badly! They were so pretty. My vote for that desk would be white/cream or a light blue (was that an option?). Also, I copied you on your instagram feed because that is such a cute idea! I could copy you all day long. You’re so fabulous.

  3. Hi. I was thinking white or cream paint with accents that are on your wedding dress and shoes. Like where the triangles are on the drawers and change out the handles to match. Also, I think the white/cream would be easier to clean up than that shiny black just encase of a spill I have to use nail polisher remove and now I have a dull brown spot instead of a shiny one. Good luck and enjoy the upcycle. 🙂

  4. Carrie – I do love the Annie Sloan colors but I haven’t used them yet. This might be the project to try them on. I just need to think about how the vanity color will interact with the dressers and night stands…which I am ALSO trying to figure out the colors for!

    Megan! Lucky for you, all the wedding photos are on the blog 😉 And you are fabulous, not me! Move to New Jersey, mmkay?

    Hi Denise! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Good call on the shiny black being difficult to keep clean – it might also show dust really easily. Creamy white or light blue seem to be the top contenders.

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