This Week I Reached a Milestone

On this glorious, sunny Friday (it’s Friday!!!), I thought I would take a moment to celebrate a milestone.  A commuting-person milestone, that is.  Despite my best efforts to make it to work early for a call, I failed miserably.  I had to take a client call half on the train and half  crouched over in Penn Station.  There were fires on wires and other Dr. Seuss-ical nightmares that made New Jersey Transit all sorts of late and messed up.  And I made my sleep-deprived husband get up to catch a train BEFORE 7 AM in order to get into work well in advance of my call.  I wouldn’t have bothered if I had known how the morning would go.  I was literally dodging homeless people and fast-walking commuters while trying to sound professional.  It was NOT glorious.

Blasted train.


In other news, this morning’s commute – on the boat – went much smoother, thank you very much.

BoatI hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I have parties o’ plenty this weekend.  Good bye party tonight (our friend is leaving for London! I’m green with envy) and engagement party tomorrow for my dear friend, Maria.  Spoiler alert: I’m a bridesmaid!  Woo woo!



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