Existential Earring Crisis

Is it wrong that I have an internal panic attack whenever I (rarely) realize I forgot to wear earrings? That happened this morning. Walking into the train station this morning the wind blew my hair back.

And my hair didn’t catch on anything.

Gasp! I forgot earrings! I may have actually muttered that out loud. (I can’t be sure…)

And the thought that made me feel better was not anything related to “it doesn’t matter” or “no one will notice or even care.” Both of which I realize are true statements.

No. It was “I think I have a pair in the bottom of my purse!”

Once I was safely on the train I dug as only a person with a massive purse on a mission can.



A cute pair that is a bit heavy for my unevenly pierced, small ears. Hence being in my purse. But they’ll do in a pinch.

Why am I so weird about earrings? I honestly feel exposed without them. Other than my wedding rings, all other jewelry is optional. Preferred, surely, but still optional. Something about earrings just makes me feel put-together and ready for the day.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a slight jewelry issue out there.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday. Can’t wait for the weekend!


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