What I Learned in February

A blog I read posts “What I learned” at the end of every month.  It’s light-hearted and fun and I thought I would join in this sunny, final day of February.

1. For being a show about zombies, The Walking Dead has a pretty good soundtrack.  Mostly rock, but listen to the girls (Beth and Maggie for other fans) sing Parting Glass.  It’s beautiful.


2. Weekends have taken on a new, mythical wonderfulness now that I live in the ‘burbs.  Who knew that was possible?  There is so much more sun in my life these days.  I walk around the house like it’s brand new and I’ve never seen it before. It looks completely different in the daylight than night!

3. Red Bank, NJ is happening on a Saturday night! No more date nights without a reservation for us!

4. On the flip side, not having a reservation on a busy, Saturday night might help you discover a fun, new restaurant you wouldn’t have usually noticed.  Jamian’s, I’m looking at you.  Surfer joint with delicious ahi tuna wrap and the promise of open-air dining and live music come spring and summer!? Check.

5. Prince wants a puppy.  He is transfixed anytime there is a dog on TV.  Prince February

6. Having a half-empty living room makes for a good dance floor on Valentine’s Day (or any other day).

7. Josh Turner’s voice is just as deep and melty in person as it is on the radio.

8.  It is possible to have good hair days, even living in New Jersey with a 2 hour commute to work.  Rebecca of November 2013 wouldn’t have believed this simple fact.  I didn’t think I’d ever have myself (hair, face, food or otherwise) put together again.

My coworker saw me this morning and said “You look frazzled…but you’re having a good hair day!”  Frazzled may not qualify as ‘having yourself together’ but I’ll take what I can get.

RF FebruaryCheers to the weekend!



11 thoughts on “What I Learned in February

  1. we can help Prince. Why have him watch a dog on tv when he can have Newman!..lol..Let me know when you want us to drop him off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m going to have to check out the Walking Dead soundtrack! When I watch with my husband I usually say “I like this song!” at least once an episode but for some reason I always forget to check it out. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. I love Red Bank! My husband and I just set out in the car one weekend years ago and that’s where we ended up. One of out fondest memories. Visiting from Emily’s site.

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