A Before and ‘During’ Update

The one room that has been the most updated in our house is definitely the bedroom.  Unfortunately, it’s lacking furniture and anything on the walls, which make the most impact in pictures.

Do you know what doesn’t make a huge impact in pictures but DOES make a difference in real life? Ripping out and replacing base molding.

Bedroom base molding removalBedroom base molding

And do you know what is terribly time-consuming? Ripping out and replacing base molding!  We are still not done installing it.  Turns out that old houses are very imperfect.  Meaning, the molding doesn’t cover all of the gaps in the floors. So we’ll be adding quarter round to cover the gaps.  Bedroom new base molding

I wanted a sultry, moody master bedroom.  That is weird to say/type.  I actually wanted a pale blue bedroom, but as it turns out, I want pale blue in EVERY room.  And I don’t want our house to be a one hit wonder.  So after trolling blogs and pinterest, I was drawn to rooms that were described as sultry.  Well, alright.  If you’re going to have a sultry room, it should be the master bedroom, because a “sultry kitchen” sounds like burns waiting to happen, amiright?

So I decided I wanted to try dark charcoal walls, like the color in the middle below.  But I ended up chickening out.  Our room is so large – 28 feet long – that I thought it would feel like a big cave.  It probably didn’t help that it was the dead of winter and I never saw the sun anymore while I made the decision.

Bedroom paint samplesWe chose the color on the far, top left. Still not a light, airy color, but not overwhelmingly dark.  You could never mistake it for white, which was my problem with the lighter colors.

I was in charge of edging the walls.  Bedroom cutting in

Somehow, the girl who can’t stand too close to balconies on a second floor did all of the ladder work.Bedroom Rebecca painting

Scott rolled the walls.

Bedroom Scott painting

It’s actually a great metaphor for our relationship.  Scott is the big picture person.  For example:

  1. He decided we should buy a house
  2. He figured out the mortgage, the cable provider, etc.
  3. He decided when we should get married
  4. He forced me to just fiiiiiinally make a decision about the paint color because he wanted to paint the walls

I am all about the details.  Or as he says – I make his decisions look good:

  1. I was constantly on the phone with the realtor to actually find the house
  2. I pay the mortgage, the cable bill, etc.
  3. I planned the wedding
  4. I picked and tested the 1,835 colors of paint we needed to consider in order to paint said walls.

And here are the pretty finished walls! (Thanks to marriage teamwork.)Bedroom paintThis shot gives you an idea of what the finished molding will look like.IMG_6415

As a reminder, here it was on move in day.IMG_6294

IMG_6295And now.IMG_6418Who needs curtains, finished molding, art or night stands when you have the best accessory around?  Some things never change, no matter where you live.  Like the fact that Prince’s ‘spot’ will forever be at the foot of my side of the bed.IMG_6411

I thought you’d never notice me here.  Now please leave me to nap for the next 5 hours in peace.



3 thoughts on “A Before and ‘During’ Update

  1. Congratulations on your new home in NJ! I am always looking for positive blogs about NJ and I’m happy I find someone who actually moved TO NJ and not out! Do a search for NJ in wordpress and most of the post are super negative. You have such a beautiful home. I love lighthouses so I definitely noticed the painting above your mantle. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! What a nice note. It’s a shame Jersey gets such a bad rep. I was nervous about moving here but it has been such a great move. Everyone couldn’t be nicer and our town is adorable. Happy to shed a bit of good light on Jersey! That lighthouse is on Goat Island in Newport where we got married. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend visiting the Castle Hill light house in Rhode Island 🙂

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