House Updates

We have officially been in our house for four months.  I wanted to show you what our house looks like four months in because it has started to feel like my house.  Sort of.  But looking over the pictures, I came to the conclusion that we still have a lot of improvements to make.  It’s not exactly a mind-blowing difference!

For example, in our kitchen, what I should have done is take pictures of the inside of our cabinets for the before and afters, because that is probably the most impressive part. All of my beautiful wedding gifts finally have a place to live!

Kitchen on move in day:


And now.  The main addition (you can see) is my pink Kitchenaid, Juliette.  And there are fresh cookies on the stove. And proof of life (wedding invitations, letters, Robert Frost poems) on the fridge.IMG_6435

Move In:IMG_6265

Now. We’ve got a coffee station, which is right next to the scotch station, apparently. We also have some pretty cookbooks and cards from the latest holiday.IMG_6424

The living room on move in day.
IMG_6255And here it is in its current state.  This is all going to change in a few weeks when our new sofa (!) is finally delivered. Right now, this looks like we just recreated our apartment on one half of the living room.IMG_6430IMG_6431The biggest difference in the dining room is probably the view of the back deck.IMG_6257
Which is covered in snow at the moment.

IMG_6434And there is more proof of life via cat toys and scribbles from Avery on the chalk board.IMG_6427It’s good to us, this house. I am looking forward to showing it some more love as the weather gets warmer and Scott isn’t in busy season anymore!


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