Walking on {Hopefully Not} Thin Ice

Y’all. Everyone. I walked on a frozen river yesterday. In 50 degree weather. And lived to tell the tale.

I can’t even express how much I love weekends these days. I actually feel like I have a life and am beginning to be part of a community. For example, running into Scott’s friend, the high school football coach, at church. And then taking an afternoon stroll downtown after church and seeing Scott’s aunt and uncle on their ‘Sunday drive.’ They told us that the river was frozen and there were ice boats out! So we walked down to the river to check it out.

Ice 1First of all, I was amazed that this community just happens to have ice boats on hand for occasions when the river freezes over. But I learned that this area has been well known for ice boat races (my jargon may be off) for decades.Ice BoatsScott asked me if I wanted to go walk on the ice. People were clearly walking out there quite safely.  There were even some ice skaters (adorable).  But all I could see was the broken up chunks of ice near the dock we were standing on. Uuuugh. Do I say no and not ruin my {new, sparkly} shoes and ensure my safety?  Or do I say yes and have an adventure and not get made fun of by my husband?

I said yes.

Ice Feet

Haha, look how uncomfortable I am.Ice S and ROnce we got away from the dock towards the middle of the river, the ice was less slushy and more sturdy. It was pretty dang cool! You get quite a different point of view standing in the middle of the river!Boat ClubIce RiverAnd I got to get an up-close look at the ice boats.Ice Boat 1 Ice Boat 2 When we were safely back on solid ground, we headed home where I was a cooking machine! I made the most delicious pizza for lunch and I actually made a crock pot meal purely for us to eat later in the week.  This is huge progress! I haven’t been able to get it together to cook us meals at home since we moved. Knowing that our dinners for the next few days are all ready for us when we get home is huge. HUGE.  Even the rice is pre-cooked and just needs to be heated up.  Small victories really make life better, don’t you agree?

And then we went to a friend’s house for the Super Bowl where I think I had the best seat in the house.  My thoughts on the game:

1. Poor Peyton.

2. Bruno Mars is an excellent performer. I was super impressed and would love to see him in concert.  He puts on an amazing show and didn’t try to overwork anything.

3. I think that there was a trend of super-serious ads in response to the success of Clint Eastwood’s ad a few years back. I hope that the pendulum swings the other way next year and there is an increase in creatively funny ads. While I loved Bob Dylan’s Chrysler commercial, it got lost. Which is a shame. I had to point out that Bob was on screen, because everyone had lost interest in another somber, pseudo-black-and-white, have to listen too hard ad.Super Bowl

And now it’s freezing and snowy today. I’m trying to make my work desk feel cozy!



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