The Christmas Season

I’m still trying to get back into the blogging swing.  Being a commuting homeowner is hard to get used to! But I have so much I want to catch up on.  Both personal and home things.  So up first – the Christmas season for the Fitzgeralds.

Oh, right. We bought a new car.  A Jeep, actually.  Scott couldn’t be more thrilled (he drove a Jeep in high school so I think he’s doing a little Glory Days reliving).  It did an excellent job getting our first real Christmas tree home!

photo 1-3

I admit, I grew up with fake trees.  And I have to say, I prefer fake to real. I’m sure that is Christmas sacrilege or something. But they are perfectly symmetrical, pre-lit, and and don’t shed!  Oh, and they don’t need to lean against the wall to stay standing. Our sweet, leaning 1-4

I’m a huge fan of Christmas and Christmas ornaments in particular.  It’s a bit of a ritual to take each one out, reminisce on the story behind each one and pick the perfect spot on the tree.  We added a few new ones this year, including an Adirondack from our trips to Cape May,Cape May Ornament

and a new home 2-4

Our new Jeep has also come in super handy with the snow we got over the past month.  We’re learning that our neighborhood is adorable in all seasons.  I greatly appreciate the effort all of our neighbors put into decorating their homes.  I hope they didn’t mind that we left our pumpkins out until mid-December and didn’t so much as put a candle in the window.  I’m going to milk this new homeowner thing for all its worth!  We’ll pull our weight next year, 3-3

Our town is also adorable in the snow. This is the train station where Scott and I commute every morning.
photo 1-2

photo 2-2

We also had a few work parties over the holiday 4-3

Which gave us a nice excuse to spend a few evenings time in the city.  photo 2-3

I miss the city, especially during Christmas.  She always dresses up so 3-2

We spent Christmas with my family in Virginia.  What a perfect, welcoming sight!photo 4-2

We had time with friends and sweet, relaxing time with my family while we were there.

My sister Megan has joked that she always gets stuck with our family cat, Emily since Scott came into the picture.


Lucky her.IMG_5633

Christmas was filled with laughter,


goofiness (if you haven’t downloaded the app “Heads Up” you should do so immediately)IMG_5636

and love.

IMG_5630I hope everyone had an equally Merry Christmas!



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