The New House – Upstairs

Let’s go upstairs, shall we?  The stairs are right off the dining room.IMG_6286 When you come upstairs, you U-turn and see this hallway.IMG_6290

The first door is a closet-like room.  It’s unfinished and has a sloping ceiling so you can only walk so far.  IMG_6287 It’s currently my vase/Christmas decoration storage room.IMG_6288 IMG_6289 Next up is another closet/room situation.IMG_6291 It’s rather long, but again, has a slanted ceiling.   IMG_6292 We’ve already got our summer clothes, suitcases, etc. stored in here.  I’ve already found myself saying, “I’ve got no idea how we fit everything in our Manhattan apartment!”IMG_6293 The first door on the left is the Master!  Which is roughly the size and length of our old apartment.  You’re looking at my side of the room and closet.  I call that little nook my ‘dressing area.’IMG_6294

IMG_6296 Here is the reverse view of Scott’s side of the room.IMG_6295 The view of our deck and back yard from our bedroom.IMG_6297 This is the fourth and final bedroom and the second one upstairs.  Doesn’t it look like a doll house or the perfect room for a {future} little girl!?  IMG_6298 IMG_6301This is the view of the front yard from the doll house bedroom.  Oh, the jungle.  That is a post for another day.
IMG_6303 And that is the end of the tour.   Thanks for joining!  Can’t wait to start showing the progress photos!  We’ll need to make some progress first.IMG_6308


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