The New House – Downstairs

How about that radio silence!? Clearly moving to New Jersey, hosting Fitzgerald Thanksgiving a month later, launching a brand new event at work and commuting 4+ hours a day was my official breaking point.  I was in survival mode and something(s) had to give.  The blog, cooking, and communicating with the outside world just had to go.  But I’m slowly climbing out of my hole and seeing the light.

And I’d love to share our new house!!  I mean, that is what all the fuss is about, anyways!  So I’ll be sharing the downstairs today.  Here is the entry way.  Our front door is the one partially hidden behind that archway column.  The door directly behind the arch is a coat closet.IMG_6271Another view of the entry way (skylight!).IMG_6272This is the view of the living room (and the dining room beyond) as you enter the house.
IMG_6251This is the living room, which is the first room you walk into from the front door.  (Arch on right goes to the coat closet, arch on left goes to bedrooms/bathroom.)IMG_6256 This is the reverse of the above view.  Our sweet, little fireplace!IMG_6255Standing in the dining room looking back at the living room.

IMG_6258 Better view of the dining room.  The kitchen is on the left.IMG_6257

Looking at the kitchen from the dining room.  IMG_6260

My pretty, light-filled, potential-filled kitchen!IMG_6264View of the kitchen from the other direction.  The entrances to the basement, a converted garage and my pantry are all on the right.
IMG_6265We also have a breakfast nook directly off the kitchen.IMG_6266It has a second set of doors out onto our back deck (the other entrance is in the dining room).IMG_6267Here is the “brown room” which screams, “I was made in the seventies and should just be a stinkin’ garage!”  IMG_6268 Brown paneling, brown carpet (directly over concrete).  Such a thing of beauty.IMG_6269This is the first bedroom downstairs (off of the living room) or the “Blue Room.”IMG_6276IMG_6277Bedroom number two or the “Red Room,” or “Avery’s Room,” as I started calling it before Thanksgiving.  IMG_6279

Our niece, Avery, slept here for Thanksgiving and her first order of business was asking Uncle Scott to find her hangers so she could hang up her dress-up princess dresses.   And suddenly our house started feeling like a home. 🙂IMG_6281And there you have it!  The first floor of our home.  What do you think?


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