From Broadway to Brooklyn

Earlier this summer, my mom, sister and I were back together (in close quarters) again!  The trip could also be known as “Scott learned what my father lived with (dealt with) for 20 + years.”  I think he has a new appreciation for my dad.

To kick off their visit, I took Mom and Megan to a cute wine bar on the West side (Ardesia for the New Yorkers out there).

I believe my mom’s cocktail was called “Don’t fall off the balcony and ruin the party.” No lie. IMG_5773

The food was delicious and the weather was perfection.  We had the best al fresco dinner.


Then it was off to an evening of frills, twirls, sparkles and dancing animals.

Cinderella on Broadway, of course!  It was every little girl’s fantasy come to life with no holds barred.

The quote of the show has to be by the Fairy Godmother…

“You’d be surprised how many beautiful gowns have crazy women in them!”IMG_5777

The next day Scott and I got to check an item off our NYC bucket list.  We walked the Brooklyn Bridge!IMG_5784

I seriously recommend you walk the Brooklyn Bridge at some point in your life.  IMG_5791

You get great views of some of the city’s well-known landmarks.

Hello, pretty lady!



There is the Freedom Tower – all 1776 feet of it.IMG_5804

And hello, Empire State Building!IMG_5810

It’s an easy walk and there are neighborhoods worth exploring on both ends.   When you arrive in Brooklyn it feels like you are worlds away from Manhattan.  The spaces are more open, there is more grass and way more parks and neighborhood-y type things.


And on the Manhattan side, there’s the South Street Seaport and SmorgasBar!


When Sandy knocked out most of the shops and restaurants in the South Street Seaport area/Financial District, the Brooklyn Flea set up SmorgasBar.  It’s a fun area with pop up restaurants of well-loved restaurants and food trucks.  Including Magnolia Bakery and Red Hook Lobster Pound.

We tried both the Maine and New England style lobster rolls.  The New England (aka BUTTER) style was my favorite.  Both were heaven.  Even our picky, non-seafood eating family member enjoyed.  That would be Megan, of course.  And see those drinks? Grown up Arnold Palmers.  DE- LISH.  It was such a treat after walking the Brooklyn Bridge and back.

IMG_5815There is also a TKTS booth at South Street.  We waited in line that morning to get Peter and the Star Catcher tickets.  Scott got to join us for this Broadway adventure.  He was a little iffy about the Peter Pan story line, but I heard him laughing along with the rest of us through the show.  It’s a “grown up prequel” to Peter Pan and I looooved it.


It’s true “theater” (as opposed to a play or a musical) and the actors performed it perfectly.  They didn’t miss a beat and there was plenty going on throughout the entire show.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  You see how Peter Pan becomes Peter Pan and how he comes to have a connection to Wendy.  And you learn where Tinkerbell came from!  And there is a very funny scene that shows a slightly different angle to how Captain Hook lost his hand.  I love the Peter Pan story and this just made me fall in love with it even more.
IMG_5819All in all, this was one of the busiest, most decadent, most wonderful weekends we’ve had in a long time!  Mom treated us to cabs everywhere (SCORE!), we got to eat delicious food and we saw not one, but two shows.  It was hard coming back to real life!


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