Friend Vacay in Cape May

So now that summer is over, how about I blog about it? Apparently there was just too much going on for me to be bothered to blog much this summer.  Forgive the out-of-season posts??

In July, we went on a vacation with our New York / New Jersey group of friends.  We rented a house in Cape May (southern Jersey) for a long weekend.  I’d heard good things about the area but didn’t expect the town to be so adorable / Victorian and the beaches to be so beautiful!


IMG_5645Long, white, sandy beaches with plenty of room to spread out for all 14 of us.

IMG_5650I camped out in my beach chair and not much could make me budge.


These guys camped out under the portico/tent and couldn’t be bothered to budge.  My fair-skinned husband is the one in the middle.  He slathered on SPF 70 and then still sat in the shade all day.  I slathered on SPF 70 and repeated furiously throughout the day.

Scott and I have turned a corner.  We are officially adults (or is that old?)! We no longer care about getting a tan and lo and behold – no sunburns this summer!


We had a blast at the beach.  The waves were huge and so fun to ride…once you got past the huge breaks and the ice cold temperatures.

There’s nothing like digging a huge hole in the ground to foster teamwork.

Of course, some had more fun than others.IMG_5664

The guys weren’t completely cruel to poor Ricky.  They did allow him his drink, after all.IMG_5671


One is never enough.  Here we have Danny, the turtle.IMG_5688

The fun continued into the evening at our lovely little cottage.  There were plenty of card games, laser light shows, murder-ball, Bruce Springsteen and techno music.IMG_5704


Cheek to cheek with Danny!  He’s off being important and smart in London now.
IMG_5722Not my finest photo, but here is proof I was actually there. And isn’t that what beach vacations are all about? Not doing your hair and make up, laughing til your sides hurt and having fun with friends?


I officially declare the friend vacay of 2013 a success!Friendvacay


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