Fourth of July Fun

You may remember our not-so-low-key Fourth of July celebration from last year?  Yeah, me too.  Fondly, but lets say I didn’t want to relive it.  So to me, our incredibly low-key Fourth of July this year was perfection.

We spent some time with friends at Central Park with a picnic lunch.Fourth of July Central Park

With Fro Yo after, of course.  What will we do when we don’t live within walking distance of three different frozen yogurt shops??  #spoiledbythecityFourth of July Scott and Becca

Scott and I had our own little barbecue for dinner and then decided to take the last ferry of the night to New Jersey so we could spend the weekend at the beach (“shore”).  IMG_5564


I’ve never taken the ferry at night before, so it was cool to see our pretty city all lit up with her Fourth of July outfit on.


The Freedom Tower.  IMG_5597

It’s almost a must that she sports red, white and blue.



It was incredibly hard to capture our view of the fireworks.  So let me paint you a mental picture.  As our boat rounded the southern part of Manhattan and started to head south, we had a view of the Statue of Liberty on the left and lower Manhattan on the right.  And the fireworks were going off smack dab in between Lady Liberty and the Freedom Tower!  It was so beautiful and it is something I will never, ever forget.

I thought that watching the fireworks in DC several years ago was quintessential “Americana.”  And it is, especially if you are IN the district.  But there was something about watching the fireworks flanked by the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower that made me feel very proud of our country and so grateful to live here.  IMG_5605Hope everyone else took some time to appreciate this great country of ours.  Happy {late} Independence Day!



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