My (forever ago) Roman Holiday

I stumbled across some old photos on an old jump drive yesterday.  There were photos from the summer of 2008, right after I graduated from college, hiding on there.  I was incredibly fortunate to be able to travel to Europe for two months after graduation.  This was before I had started a blog and its not documented anywhere.  It seemed to daunting to post so much to Facebook.  So I’ll #laterblog and post some of my favorite shots here!  Maybe I’ll do Venice next week.  And Cannes the week after that.  And maybe I’ll convince Scott to move to Southern France the week after that.

After a six week program in the South of France, I traveled a bit in Italy.  I loved Rome.  The history.  The gravity and age of everything.  The beauty. The charm.  The gelato.  The pasta!  The pizza!  Oh, it was glorious.

Antibes and Rome 519

Antibes and Rome 526

Antibes and Rome 527

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Coliseum the way I did.  I think it was standing in the very place where thousands of Christians died – for the very same faith that I have – knowing that I didn’t have to live with that fear of persecution.  It was humbling and reminded me to never take that freedom for granted.

Antibes and Rome 549Antibes and Rome 560

Antibes and Rome 555

Antibes and Rome 654

Antibes and Rome 573

Antibes and Rome 604

Antibes and Rome 617

Antibes and Rome 581

Antibes and Rome 627

Antibes and Rome 645It was wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful.  While I wish I was there, New York has pretty great pizza and it’s own kind of charm.  Now if 5:00 pm will hurry up and get here so I can go out and enjoy my own city!


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