Down the Shore

Scott and I went “down the shore” to his hometown this weekend.  It was a bit of a roller coaster, as the trip was on, the trip was off and then the trip was on again.  But ultimately we found ourselves on the ferry, rolling past the beautiful NYC skyline.

IMG_1872And then finally, finally we were sipping a refreshing beverage watching this glorious view.

Aah, suburbia!  Grilling on a real MAN sized grill in a backyard.

We had planned a beach day with our friends, Stu and Leslie, but the weather couldn’t make up its mind, so we just stayed on their back deck most of the day, talking and laughing.  When the sun came out for good, we hopped in the jeep and went to the beach to catch the sunset.IMG_1819


It was so late that parking was a breeze and the beach was basically ours.IMG_1821


Girl pic!


Who knew that they still made boom boxes!?  Best idea ever.

Splitting an adult beverage first-date style.IMG_1826

Check out my handsome husband and his beard.IMG_1829


“Hey, Stu!”IMG_1833


That’s the thing about East Coast beaches – the sunset is always behind you.IMG_1831


We honestly had the best time.  I think we literally just laughed our way through the day.  Like, work out your abs, bring tears to your eyes type of laughing.  It was the best kind of day.



First toes in the sand shot of the summer! Hoping there are many more!IMG_1843




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