I. Went. Golfing. (sorta)

If you know me at all – especially if you knew me from ages 14-18, you will know that this is a big deal.  I went to a driving range.  And didn’t just sit and watch Scott hit some golf balls.  I actively participated.  And furthermore, I enjoyed it!  Missed swings and all!

We went with some of our sweet friends, Maggie and Jonathan, to the driving range at the Chelsea Piers.  You know the one in the movies, such as Serendipity? (I’m sure it is in other movies, but I only know chick flicks.)


I’ve never seen Scott golf before and he is so good!  I had an idea that he is, but it is different to see it in action.  Mah man!IMG_5303

We all took turns hitting (and missing, as the case may be cough*me*cough) the golf balls.  It was actually really fun!  And I didn’t feel pressure or anything! IMG_5325

Scott watched me edit the photos and told me I needed to bend my knees more.  I told him I was busy trying not to bend my arms like he told me while we were there.  Apparently my joints can’t be in different positions at the same time?  Its way too hard to bend my knees but not my elbows.  Geesh Rebecca, you were a dancer for pete’s sake!IMG_5328

Look at Maggie go! IMG_5331

We had so much fun but my favorite part might have been the photo shoot at the end…IMG_5335

And the margaritas we got as a treat after!IMG_5332Thanks for the suggestion, Maggie (& Jonathan!).  We had so much fun with you two and would looove to do it again soon 🙂


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