Owen Chase

Last week I got a pedicure and the name of my polish is “Where’s my chauffeur?”  Well, I got my answer when a studly man picked me up right outside of my office building on Friday evening!  My wonderful husband had picked up a car and whisked me off to Boston to meet our new nephew!


It was one of the first truly beautiful New York summer days, so we had the windows down, blaring country music.  That is a rare treat, friends!  I MISS singing in the car.  You just can’t do that on the subway.IMG_1734


Four hours later, we were in Boston and we met the little guy!



It was such sweet time to spend with the new parents.  Jess and Dan clearly love their new roles.  Screaming child from 10 pm  – 2 am?  No big deal.  Getting peed on multiple times by said child?  Met with loving words (after some initial shock, to be fair).IMG_1744

Dan wanted to jump in and help wherever he could.  He seems to have taken naturally to fatherhood.  I mean, in a matter of seconds, he got Owen to go from screaming (above) to zonked (below).

Enter Aunt Becca to coo and love and dote.IMG_1748

I couldn’t get enough.  He was just such a sweet, little nugget.

Jess and Dan DID want to get out of the house, though.  One week in and they had a bit of cabin fever.  So off we went for lunch, where Jess and I had our traditional Bloody Mary’s.  That is one happy momma to be out of the house!

Owen was a dream through lunch.  Jess needed to feed him after, so the boys and I took a walk around the harbor while we waited.IMG_1754


They live in such a cute, New England-y town.  It will be a fun place to raise kids.IMG_1758

The rest of the afternoon was spent around the house.  Owen settled in for a long nap with Aunt Becca.  Oh my word, it was perfect.IMG_1770

Do I look a little sweaty? Well, the AC broke, and Boston was having 90 degree weather…what!?

And sorry for the bad iPhone pics.  I brought a camera with NO MEMORY CARD.  Bad blogger, bad Aunt, bad bad bad.  I pouted for a second and then decided to move on.  Better to have iPhone pics than none at all!

I think that Owen actually looks like Scott.  He has the exact same mouth!  A preview of things to come…?

I remember looking at pictures of myself as a baby and remarking at how young my aunts, uncles and parents looked.  Or laughing that so-and-so had a beard and it looked so funny!  And everyone’s hair was so dark (read: no gray).  It struck me that I am now the aunt in this scenario.  Owen and his cousins will look back on the pictures from this time in their young lives and think we, the older generation, look so different from the aunts and uncles they will come to know as they grow up.  Does that make any sense?

Speaking of having a beard and no gray hair…check out my husband and his beard!  What do you think?  I kinda like it!

On Sunday, it was time for us to move on so that the next set of visitors could come and have Owen time.  We left in time so we could stop at our favorite place for lunch!IMG_1788

We went to our usual place, The Landing, because you get this view while you eat your stuffies.



On beautiful days like this, I want to throw everything to the wind and move to Newport.  It’s so easy to forget the sub-zero winters while you are eating fresh clam chowda outside with the sun on your face.IMG_1794

After lunch we took a quick drive through town before getting back on the road.  The beaches were packed and you could tell that summer was in full swing.  IMG_1797Great weekend!  Congratulations again to Jess and Dan!  You guys are great and we can’t wait to watch you raise your little gift.



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