Little Girl Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, I helped throw a baby shower for my boss, which was to be attended by my coworkers.  This is also known as

“A baby shower for a little girl (pink), thrown by me (more pink), which needs to appeal to, and entertain, men (so NOT pink).”

Challenge accepted!

My boss’s wife is expecting their first baby – a girl.  So I decided to use a lot of the same decor ideas from the baby shower for my new nephew but “make it pink.”  And to make everyone feel involved, we set up a onesie decorating station so that everyone could make baby girl a personalized onesie.  And bonus?  Fun decorations!

They turned out AMAZ-ING.  We used fabric with iron-on adhesive rather than paint and they each looked like a little piece of art that you could most definitely sell on Etsy!  Every baby needs a skull and cross bones or a martini onesie, yes?Onesiecollage

Check out baby’s first tiara!  It’s a Rebecca specialty to provide baby girls with their first tiara.


We had pitchers of the signature drink, the Preggatini, in both pomegranate and cranberry.  Pomegranate was a hit.  We just mixed OJ, pomegranate juice and ginger ale.  We had champagne and vodka on the side for those that wanted to add a bit more punch.IMG_5366

I think everyone had a good time.  I mean it was a free lunch on a Friday!IMG_5372

Momma-to-be opened all of the goodies in her basket of gifts.  My partner-in-crime, Amy, and I had the best time zooming around Babies R Us.  Neither of us have babies so there was a lot of “Well, my sister-in-law says….” or “I always see my niece/nephew using ….”.  So we hope we were able to provide lots of useful items!IMG_5376


You got everything??

We did avoid most shower games, but since the mom AND dad were the stars of this shower, we played one question game.  I had a list of personality and physical traits, and they each had to answer which one they preferred the baby inherit.  So whose eyes would you rather the baby inherit, and why?  It got pretty funny on some traits, such as driving skills, directional skills, dancing ability, etc.  It ended up being one of the high points of the shower, in my opinion.  I mean, check out the laughter!Laughter

And these men seem to be enjoying themselves, so mission accomplished!IMG_5393

I’d say we did well, Amy!  Another successful party 🙂IMG_5398(Yes, I did wear pink and sparkle in honor of the theme.)


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