A Quick Thursday Catch Up

Friends! It’s been such a full couple of weeks!  I won’t say “busy” because that gives a bad connotation and life has been good!  Scott finally came back into my life from the black hole that is “Busy Season” and it seems like I’ve abandoned the blog.  So there is much to catch up on!

Scott and I have had relaxing time together, we had a special visitor from China, attended a benefit, I threw a {work} baby shower, we went to a scotch tasting and are now gearing up for more fun visitors this weekend!  And I haven’t even touched on our trip to Chelsea Piers from two weeks ago!


And, oh yes, I got a promotion at work.  I was humbled and surprised when I was called into my boss’s office.  I don’t typically write about work stuff here, but my company featured me and my recent promotion on their Facebook page last week.  If they are telling people, I suppose I can too!

Life is sweet and we are enjoying it so much.  I hope to be back next week to start sharing all of our stories!


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