Jessie & Troy’s Wedding

Last weekend, Scott and I attended the wedding of our good friends, Jessie and Troy.  Jessie, as you may remember from HERE, is a friend of mine from college.  We remained friends into the “after-college” and “everyone’s getting married” stage of life.  Jessie and I also shared a Maid (turned Matron) of Honor, Lauren.  So it was fun to get to spend some time with all of us reunited!

While Lauren was busy Matron of Honor-ing, I was holding down the home fort with these two.  The two Irish accountants that could.  That is Hugh, Lauren’s husband, a fellow CPA and a fellow Irishman.  How two bestie (Lauren and me) could both end up marrying an Irish accountant (who is the youngest child of three – with an older brother and a sister in the middle) is beyond me.  But we have plenty on which we can relate!  As do Scott and Hugh, who spent a good deal of time commiserating on their insane busy season (and their shared need of a hair cut) when they got together Friday night.  Ha.


But I digress. Back to the wedding!  I was a lucky girl and got to spend time with the bride, bridesmaids and mommas as they got ready.  I poured mimosas and chatted with everyone in between running down the hall to my room to get ready.  It was unexpected and wonderful at the same time.  Thank you for letting me share in your special time, Jessie!

The wedding was held in a church from the 1700s!  It was so quaint and charming – even the cemetery which is tended by some very special gardeners.



The handsome groom, Troy, awaiting his bride!  I was pretty far back so I decided not to take photos of the bride, so that I could just soak it in and enjoy Jessie’s moment.  But she was an absolutely beautiful bride.IMG_5242

The brief ceremony was followed by a quick jaunt to the reception site on property.  Cocktail hour was held outside in the gorgeously perfect weather.


While the ladies chatted, the men got their corn hole on.  Look at that picturesque meadow!  Could you imagine anything better than that for a wedding?


Here we are! (Thanks for the fantastic photo, Devin!)  I wore a dress that I’ve had in my closet for years and it definitely got some love that day.  Woo hoo 🙂IMG_5249

A few detail shots I nabbed before the wedding.  Scott and I helped a very little bit by checking on things at the reception before the wedding.


The cake was elegantly simple.IMG_5233

However, I did not partake in the oh-so-elegant cake.  I had one of these bad boys instead.  And remembered to take a pic half way through…Donut

Jessie and Troy shared their first dance to “I Swear” an amazing throwback.  Well done, friends.IMG_5258

This photo below gets the award for my favorite photo of the night.  Jessie dancing with her father as her new husband watches from a distance.  I’m getting choked up just remembering it.

I saw the moment happening and scrambled for my camera.  Scott whispered “Are you getting this!?” in my ear and all I could do was nod furiously so that I didn’t miss it!  I love him for noticing stuff like that, too 🙂

Some of my favorite people. Scott and I miss them and wish we had the chance to spend more time with them.


There was a dollar dance and Scott and I split our one piece of US legal tender (we were unprepared!) and each got to share a dance with the stars of the evening.



The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a great time with plenty of dancing and celebrating.  Jessie was right there on the dance floor all night so I got to dance with my favorite dancing partner from college!  You never expect to spend much time with the bride and groom at a wedding, so that was a nice treat!Jessie BrideCongratulations, friends!  It was a blast!



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