Jessie Lynn’s Getting Married!

My sweet friend, Jessie is getting married to a wonderful man this weekend.  Scott and I are pretty excited to celebrate them!  Jessie and I met in college.  There aren’t many events or memories that she isn’t a part of.  She was one of the first of us to actually have a camera (back in the dark ages of my freshman year).  So she was the designated photographer of all of our weekend antics.  My favorite part of Saturday mornings was when all of us girls would crowd around Jessie’s computer to relive the previous night.Jessie 2

And sweet Jessie Lynn was my partner-in-crime on graduation day.Graduation 2

Our group of students got to enter Lane Stadium through the same tunnel the football team uses to make the most awesome game day entrance to all of our home games.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Virginia Tech Hokies make an entrance at Lane Stadium, watch –> THIS immediately.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

About 40 seconds into the video, you’ll see all of the players jumping up and touching the piece of Hokie Stone at the mouth of the tunnel.  WE GOT TO DO THAT.  Right before we entered the field to graduate!  MAJORLY big deal in our world.  Jessie’s hand is on the right.  My thumb is on the left 🙂  Amazing moment.Graduation

Fast forward and Jessie and her soon-to-be husband, Troy, are some very special people to us.  They are clearly meant to be marry one another and are always so much fun to be around.

Here we are out in New York.IMG_2598

This wedding is going to be epic, folks.  I mean, Troy is an amazing DJ.  He was the ONLY person that was able to sneak a special song request past my strict “No Request” policy at my wedding.  The man not only got the DJ to play “Teach Me How to Dougie” but he then taught me how to Dougie.  In my wedding dress.  LOVE.  So I cannot wait to experience the amazing-ness of the dance party that will follow their wedding.  IMG_2591So happy for you guys!  Let’s dance!


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