I’ll Have My Husband Soon

We are just about through with “busy season” in these parts.  At this time last year, on April 23rd exactly, I wrote an angry letter to “Busy Season”.  (Click HERE for that post.)

Lord willing, Scott will be done working weekends and will get home before 2:00 am starting this Thursday!   While this time is never fun, I feel that we have done so much better than last year.

Last year, we had just moved to New York.  We were baby newlyweds.  I was far from friends and family and I felt that Scott had just abandoned me to figure it all out for myself.  That, of course, is not true.  He was working hard to provide for our family and I love him for it.  But I’ve got things a bit more “together” this time around.


I’ve enjoyed not needing a meal plan.  Egg sandwich for dinner?  Sure!  (Scott would turn his nose up at this.)  I’ve relished being able to watch The Bachelor (and recently filling the empty hole The Bachelor left in my life with Ready for Love) without male judgment.  I’ve gone to classes one or two times a week at the gym with girlfriends.  Zumba and yoga, to be exact.  I filled my time making crafts.  I hosted my small group of girlfriends at my house so we could chit chat past Starbucks’ closing time.  Good thing too, since some of our best conversations happened on those nights!

I’ve also missed my husband terribly.  And this self-proclaimed introvert finally felt lonely.  It’s rare for me to ever feel lonely.  I love my alone time!  But I’ve {finally} had enough!!


And Scott, for his part, has handled this year 100 times better.  He had a tough learning curve last year.  But he’s seen the rewards of all of those hours, and lessons learned the hard way, and hard work this year.  He’s confident; he can handle the difficult personalities and demanding nature of it all.  I think that was part of the reason I’ve felt more at peace this year.  Scott was in a much better place mentally, so I didn’t feel such angst.  Not so say it has been easy!  NEVER eating a meal together and NEVER seeing each other is NEVER good for a marriage.


All of this to say, I’m so grateful for the protection Scott had around him this year.  But I’m so very glad the end is upon us!


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