Pinterest Week Day 2: Pom Poms Galore!

I’m back to continue “Pinterest Week” and we are getting crafty today.  If you read the blog, you’ve already seen this project at my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

My sister-in-law and I found this pin while looking for gender neutral, “under the sea” baby shower ideas.  We were both instantly hooked and set out to try to achieve the same level of greatness for our new niece or nephew!

Pom PictureSource: via Rebecca Fitzgerald on Pinterest

I used the accompanying tutorial from the  adorable, creative blog Anders Ruff.  Seriously?  Check it out – those ladies are brilliant.

Click here for the tutorial.  The instructions are very detailed and easy to understand.


Tips and Tricks I Learned:

  • Plan ahead!  These little guys are time consuming!  They are also worth it.  This is not a project you want to take on the week before the party.  It was nice to make several pom poms in an evening but be able to stop if I got bored or my fingers got tired.
  • Enlist help! Many hands make light work.  Invite girlfriends over to help you.  Promise them wine and chocolate.  It’s amazing how many we got done while chatting away.  (A huge thank you to Maggie and Bridgette!)

IMG_5119I think that the garland makes a fun decoration for almost any type of party or even in a little kids room.  Since you can make the poms in any color under the sun you could go bold in primary colors for a little man’s room or soft and girly for a baby girl nursery.

Or…you could be that girl and put them up in your office!Office

Hey, like I said, I spent a lot of time on these! I was determined to get some more use out of them!


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