Pinterest Week Day 1: Pork Carnitas

I’ve decided to do a whole week of Pinterest!  Aaah, Pinterest.  What did we ever do without it?  How did we plan a party or make a grocery list in the pre-Pinterest dark ages?  I’m just so glad that I get to be a newlywed (when do I have to stop using that title, by the way?) in the age of Pinterest.  I’m inspired and intimidated by it all at the same time.

How many times have you (ladies) tried a delicious concoction at a party/tailgate/picnic and asked for the recipe, only to have the baker/chef/goddess reply, “Oh, its from Pinterest.  Just check my boards!”


Well, I’m doing you one better.  I’m showcasing five of my favorite, successful pins, right here, all week long.  And lets be honest, success is not guaranteed – click here to see some epic pinterest fails.

And we are kicking off with pork carnitas!  Ever since there was a hint of warmth in the air I’ve been craaaaving tacos, margaritas and anything you would find at a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.  I go to Mexican restaurants with Scott, girlfriends and coworkers every chance I get.

But that’s not sustainable.  So I decided to try this carnitas recipe (click the pic below to go to recipe).  And in a word – it is simply scrumptious.

CarnitasSource: via Rebecca Fitzgerald on Pinterest

It tasted like something you would get at your favorite Mexican restaurant. I always get carnitas tacos when I’m out and these were just as good as anything I’ve ever had.  And I tried the (plentiful) leftovers in a salad and it was just like Chipotle!  The seasoning has the perfect amount of heat and placing it under the broiler for 5-10 minutes added the perfect finishing touch.

This recipe is definitely going down in the hall of fame – aka recipes that will actually get repeated.  Frequently.  And the best part is that it’s a crock pot recipe!  Couldn’t be easier.

Tips and Tricks I Learned:

  • This recipe was very straight forward and I didn’t feel that there was too much or too little of any ingredient.
  • I did rub the garlic on the meat as suggested.
  • I mixed all of the spices together ahead of time so I could just rub the mix on in one fell swoop, instead of doing it one at a time.
  • To ensure that as much of the spice mixture stayed on the meat as possible, I poured the liquid into the bottom of the crock, rather directly than over the pork.
  • My final tip – serve it with freshly made guacamole and an ice cold corona!



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