Virginia Bridal Shower

I made a quick trip to Virginia last weekend for my friend, Jessie’s shower.  I unfortunately had to miss the other wedding festivities – both the engagement party AND her bachelorette!  So I was determined to get down to Virginia for her shower.  And since it was being held right down the street from my parents house, I even got to go early and help set up.  That’s practically my favorite part of any event.

Jessie is going to be a beautiful and relaxed bride.  She’s taken the entire wedding process in stride (she has also had great help) and I know we will have a blast at their wedding in a few short weeks!IMG_5205

Pom poms and flag bunting – how I love thee.IMG_5204

The favors gave a nod to Jessie’s favorite book, Gone with the Wind.  We each got a small jar with kisses in it.IMG_5203

We ate the delicious food outside in the sun before games and presents.  The star of the day?  Troy’s guest video appearance in which he answered a list of questions about his and Jessie’s relationship.  It was a total surprise for Jessie and I think she liked it!

I can’t even say how much I loved being home.  It was warm, sunny and full of time with my favorites.  I had Tony’s greek salad with my parents, stayed up late talking to my mom, visited my dear friend Megan and enjoyed being back in my hometown.  And while our hometown in Virginia is not the deep south by any means, it made me realize how different my childhood home is from my New York City home.

Lets just say that when I’m in New York I rarely hear the phrase, “Do you think this chicken salad needs more mayo?”  Be still my heart.

And country music isn’t the obvious, default music choice for a bridal shower in the North.  It just isn’t.  But when Darius Rucker’s redo of Wagon Wheel came on, I held my breath to see if my fellow Virginians agreed with my review of the song.  In my opinion it just doesn’t have the same soul as the original, amiright!?  (I suppose it’s hard to have the same soul as a band called Old Crow Medicine Show.  Even if you did used to go by “Hootie.”)  And I laughed, because of course everyone had the same thought.  The general consensus was that we don’t change the channel when Darius comes on, but that the original just didn’t need to be redone.

But I digress.  I missed my guys so much and wanted to get back to them, but I seriously hated leaving.  Every time I leave Virginia I have to remind myself of the list of reasons we live in New York now.  Nothing on that list really matters thought, because bottom line?  My home is wherever Scott is.  And we can play country music as much as we want, I can make my own barbecue and they DO sell mayo in our grocery stores!


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