They Say Things Happen in Threes…

…so after having TWO celebrity sightings I was on the lookout for my third!

Who are the first two, you ask?

Number one would be Ms. Whoopi Goldberg herself!  LOVE her!  I’ve loved her since I was a little one, watching Sesame Street.  Do you remember her appearances on that show?  I certainly do.  I’m also a huge fan of Sister Act (and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit).  Don’t lie – you are, too!  Anyways, walking back from getting lunch with a co-worker, we passed thisclose to Whoopi on the sidewalk.  She looked exactly like I would imagine.  Glasses on the tip of her nose and not an inch shorter or taller than I thought.  Perfection.  Only thing that could make it better?  A spontaneous rendition of Salve Regina.


Photo found here.

My second celeb sighting was Mr. Al Roker.  Scott and I passed him on the street one Sunday afternoon.  I did a double take and whispered, “Was that Al Roker!?”  Scott had no idea; he hadn’t seen anything!  But the lady walking behind me goes, “Oh that was definitely Al Roker.”  Score!  Al did look a bit smaller than I had thought.  He just wasn’t as tall as I had expected.  What would have made it better?  Him breaking out his “Sunday, SUNDAY Football” voice.


Photo found here.

I had to wait a bit for my third sighting.  But when it hit, it was pretty cool.  Not necessarily because of the star but because the star is filming a pilot in my office building!  It is not uncommon to see film crews, craft services and star’s and producer’s trailers parked on the streets of New York.  I’ve seen them all over midtown and even on our block at home.  So film crew trailers had descended on our block and there were production assistants directing people-traffic in our elevator bay (I know what floor I work on, but thanks!).  A little investigation told us that the show being filmed is Assistance, an NBC sitcom.  The first afternoon the show was in the building, I was waiting to take the elevator. It opened to reveal the MOST crowded elevator I’d ever seen.  As the people poured out, I saw Krysten Ritter.  I recognized her from many roles in movies and TV over the years (she’s often the “best friend”).  I tried to stare discreetly.  She was an itty bitty (pretty) little thing.

KRitterPhoto found here.

So there you have it!  My three celebrity sightings.  When I first moved to New York, people asked me if I ever saw celebrities.  And I never did!  So this has been very exciting for me!  I’m off to listen to Salve Regina for the tenth time.  Is it Friday yet?


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