Baby Love

On Saturday, we threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Jessica.  IMG_5167

Jess and her husband aren’t finding out the sex of the baby (contrary to the April Fool’s joke she played on Monday!).  I personally could never do that, due to my tendency toward planning everything!  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE when other people don’t find out.  It feels so old-school and the day of the birth has even more to look forward to.

We wanted to find a fun theme for the baby shower since we couldn’t go with the obvious blue or pink theme.  We threw Jess a beach-y bridal shower a few years ago so we thought that a baby sea creature, “Under the Sea,” baby shower would be the fitting next step as their family grows.  We sent an adorable invitation with baby sea creatures and carried the colors throughout the rest of the decor.

Prepare yourself for some gratuitous detail shots.  I can’t help myself!IMG_5128

I made most of the decorations at home.  One of the benefits of having an accountant for a husband – all of my evenings from January to April are free!  I was happy to fill them with crafting.  And Prince was happy at the amount of yarn flying around.

I got the inspiration via Pinterest.  I mean, what else is there?IMG_5117

I think my favorite part was the yarn pom pom garland with tiny flag bunting we strung across the fireplace.

We put a menu and a “Baby Love” game at each place setting.  Every woman filled out one of the “Baby Love” cards with wishes for baby.  I hope that Jess and Dan had fun reading all of them when they got home…and that they’ll be special reminders of how many people love this little one for years to come.

Side note: on my card, I said, “I hope you get…into a good college (Go Hokies!)”

Each table had a mason jar arrangement of tissue paper flowers.  The light blue looked exactly like hydrangeas.
Pom Pom Centerpiece

Teeny tiny yarn pom poms topped off the {delicious} cake.  (I 100% stole all photos with myself in them from my sister-in-law and planning partner-in-crime, Stephanie!  Thank you, Steph!)

Jess Shower Cake


Our favors were sea creature sugar cookies.  We added personalized labels to each one.  The whales were too cute for words.Favor Collage

All ready for the party to begin!

Jess Shower Decorate


Aaaand the after!  Look how blessed this baby is!IMG_5153

I thought that the event went very well.  There was plenty of mingling at the beginning (thats the fun part!).

Check out momma-to-be rocking high heels like its no big deal!


There was a great mix of Jess’s friends and family in attendance.IMG_5156


Me and Little Man.  He made a guest appearance but he and his dad left to escape the estrogen before too long.R&L

Our princess-girl loved every single moment of the event, however.  She kept saying, “This is the best day ever!”  If only all of my events were so well-received!
Jess Shower A

She’s drinking a “Preggatini” folks.  Just a bit of juice and ginger ale.  Nothing funny going on here!

Jess was very lucky in all of the gifts she received.  I think not knowing if the baby is a boy or a girl resulted in a lot of very useful gifts, including things that will be used for years down the road.  We also did a “Book Basket.”  We asked the guests to bring books for the baby instead of a card.  The basket we gave Jess was overflowing by the end of the shower.  I think it’s such a great way to build a library for a little one.

Here she is with two very happy Nannys.IMG_5178

Here are all of the Fitzgerald women, even little Miss Avery, our princess-girl.  IMG_5171

Wonder if we’ll be adding a sixth little lady to our crew??  Hope you enjoyed your day, Jess!  Love you!


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