Have any of you had that conversation with your best friend or significant other?  The one that occurs when you are fed up with life?  Fed up with below freezing temperatures in late March or at your wits end at work or are being driven crazy by your crazy commute?  The one that goes, “We should just move to an island somewhere…you could be a bartender and I could braid people’s hair!”

Yeah, that one.  I’ve had it many times in the past.  Probably around times similar to right now.  I’m so sick of the cold (finally) which makes me dread my mostly pedestrian, oh-so-very-exposed to the elements commute.  And don’t even get me started on work!  I know that Scott is feeling the same way.  We are jones-ing for warmer weather, big time.

But it’s funny, because while we had that conversation in the past (“Who needs this!?  Let’s move to the tropics!”) it doesn’t really cross my mind anymore.  Maybe because when we had those types of thoughts in the past we weren’t married and we lived on opposite ends of I-66.  Which was basically a long, scary land of never-ending of traffic.  But now, we are happily married and and we live in the best city in the world.  And even though it’s further north than I would care for (why is it still so cold!?) it’s hard to be unhappy with the Big Apple.

All of this to say, while I’m hunched over against the wind on my walk to work I have been dreaming about sitting on a warm, sunny beach with an umbrella drink in my hand.  It’s just that I only want a vacation, not an entire life change.  I’m calling that progress, friends.  And let us be honest.  Scott would be a great bartender, but I would hate to braid tourists hair!


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