Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“Team Social” struck again at work yesterday!  Amy and I brought some luck of the Irish into the office, complete with an Irish playlist, veggies in the color of the Irish flag and some special Irish beverages.  IMG_0984

Irish Flag Veggies

They’re like twins, right??ireland-flag

Some people dressed up for our faux-St. Patrick’s day, myself included, obviously.  If there’s a chance to dress to theme, I am IN.  So I automatically like anyone else that does the same!Ladies in GreenAs for our weekend plans, we had one semi-warm day this week and Scott hatched a plan to grill out for St. Patty’s Day.  I’m all for staying in rather than braving the crowds at the bars of the Upper East Side (which all happen to be Irish, by the way).  However.  HOWever.  Homeboy (aka my beloved) didn’t take the weather report into account.  The weather report with SNOW in the forecast.  So all are welcome to come over on Saturday.  But feel free to stay inside in the warmth with me and wave to Scott  as he grills for us outside 🙂

Erin Go Braugh!


Mrs. Fitzgerald (embracing my Irish heritage, via marriage!)


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