Castles in Central Park

“Hey, you want to head over to the park?” Scott asked as we stepped out of church on Sunday morning.

Spring is in the air, and I immediately knew I wanted to go sit in the sun somewhere and soak it up as much as possible.  We took a different route than we normally do (we usually head north to the Jackie O Reservoir) and stumbled upon something new (to us).

A castle!

It’s not every day you see a castle flying an American flag. 🙂IMG_5024

As we meandered closer, we walked through the Shakespeare Garden, which has statues of some of his famous works.  IMG_5026Doesn’t it look like it belongs in the English countryside somewhere?

IMG_5028All of the grassy areas are closed for the season, but I would love to take a book (or my Kindle) and curl up on that bench and forget I’m in New York City for an afternoon.

IMG_5031You can actually climb the castle to two different levels, where you can see the Turtle Pond and get a pretty view of the East Side.



On our way out, we continued our history tour/travel through time and stumbled upon this obelisk, aka Cleopatra’s Needle.  This thing was built around 1450 BC!  And we “stumbled” upon it on our impromptu walk through Central Park.  I think it’s crazy that we live in America, a relatively young country, but can still stumble across something that was built in ancient Egypt.  That is one of the many reasons I love living in New York City.


I also love the crabs holding up the obelisk.  It seems cheeky and fun.  Rumor (wikipedia) has it that this obelisk fell at one point during it’s history, which is why one side of the obelisk still has its heiroglyphics on one side.  A bit fortuitous, no?IMG_5049After that, it was onto lunch at one of the great modern day living monuments of New York City – Shake Shack!  Hope you enjoyed our little history tour and travel through time.


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