Australian Reunion and Game-Filled Weekend

I finally have something fun to write about!  Scott was out of town for the last week of February/first week of March, so there was a lot of alone time.  And since many smart ladies from my mom to Scott’s grammy have told me not to let people know when I’m home alone…I just didn’t post very much!

But Scott was home this past weekend.  As was this little sister of mine!  She and her besties from her Australia study abroad trip were reunited on the East Coast and Scott and I got to be part of the reunion tour.

Love. They are both fake smiling to humor me.  They know me so well.  We got to go out with them on Thursday night.  I loved it because I got to pretend I was in college again, getting ready with the girls before meeting up with the boys.  Listening to fun music while sharing a tiny mirror.  Going out on a Thursday.  Oh, how I miss college.IMG_5001

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland outside.  Prince was greatly enjoying the condensation built up on the windows and was methodically licking it off the panes one at a time.  I promise we give him water.IMG_5020

Let me tell you, I would much rather have been curled up warm in bed than walking to work in the wet, cold snow.  I’ll say it again.  Oh, how I miss college!!Snow Morning

But I made it through the work day and got to celebrate the (much-anticipated, much-needed, oh-so-deserved) weekend with these fun people!  We spend our Friday evening out to dinner with the Australia crew.  We introduced them to Penrose, where the food choices are few, but delicious.  If you go, do not pass up the beer battered pickles.IMG_5022

And the drink choices are many and creative.  Please meet Ginger Lee, my absolute favorite.  It’s a tequila cocktail (that’s not a marg!) which is garnished with candied ginger.  So de-lish.

Ginger Lee

After dinner, the children taught us old folks a new game, called Up Chickens.  I can’t even explain it, except you get to say…

“UP chickens!”

Up Chickens

And “DOWN chickens.” And people do what you say.

Down Chickens

We had a lovely time getting to hang out and meet the people that Megan spoke so highly of when she came back from studying abroad.  They did not disappoint.  She was lucky to get to travel and spend such a whirlwind adventure with them.

Let me just say that they spent a significant amount of time traveling in a van that resembled the Mystery Mobile around New Zealand and they still want to travel across the globe to spend time together.  That’s life-long friendship, if I ever saw it.

They left us on Saturday morning and I reverted back to my normal life.  I baked snickerdoodles, I crafted and enjoyed the lovely quiet.  But our fun was not over.  We joined some of our sweet friends for fajitas and game night!    We tried out Wits and Wagers, which taught us all that history was NOT our strong suit (and I know nothing about baseball) before playing Cranium.  It’s always a crowd-pleaser.

We had a battle of the sexes, where the ladies quickly pulled into the lead.  Men

The men rallied to make the game interesting…

Men 2

But they were no match for the superior ladies!  Winners!  WinnersI mean, how can you beat a team who can guess “flying squirrel” during charades and “bumper cars” from a picture drawn with your eyes closed on the first try!  It can’t be done.  But we are always open for a rematch!


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