February Happened While I Wasn’t Watching

Happy March!  Not a whole lot has been going on around here, but I wanted to stop in to post the few photos that my iPhone captured this past month.

The highlight of the month was definitely Fashion Week!


I also loved our first major snow fall in the city.  It was the perfect winter wonderland for the weekend and then was cleared up for an easy walk to work on Monday.  Gotta love a considerate winter storm.

Snow 4

But other than that, it’s just been life as usual.  If my men hunting bugs for me can be considered “usual.”  Please notice Prince in the bottom left corner.  He was intensely staring under the entertainment center, which convinced us there was something hiding under there.  Ten minutes later, there was no bug or vermin to be found, but there was a very frustrated Scott. Bug Hunters

Ah yes, and we celebrated the day of love. As part of my new “Social” duties at work, my partner in crime, Amy, and I put together a fun celebration for the office complete with strawberry bellinis and heart-shaped cookie decorating.VDay 2

VDay 3

After work, Scott surprised me with dinner out at BLT Fish.  We had already decided not to celebrate, until he told me to meet him at Washington Square subway station promptly at 7:00 pm.  We never go downtown!  And we never do surprises anymore!  I was so excited!

I didn’t know that BLT had a seafood restaurant, but it was incredibly good.  Great service and delicious food.  We splurged and got oysters and drank martinis and the restaurant even threw in threw in a heart shaped treat for dessert.  I have to say this year’s Valentine’s Day totally beat last year, since I actually got to celebrate with Scott!  I’m so glad he wasn’t out of town again.

Our pretty city dressed up for the evening as well.VDay 4

Last weekend, my dear old friend from college was in town for the weekend.  We had brunch, since it’s the New York thing to do, after all.  It was so wonderful to see her and catch up!  We spent a summer in Blacksburg together and  it was one of my favorite summers.  In my opinion you can’t beat a small college town in the summer, as long as you have a few good friends with you.  I had an absolute ball.  Margo

And here’s a little something I whipped up for our blackboard wall at work.  The social team is in charge of the blackboard so there’s an ongoing game of Pictionary right now.  It’s been fun having some fun, little extra responsibilities at work. Blackboard

And last but not least, I had a little Oscar indulgence!  The lovely Liz joined me for the spectator sport of red-carpet-watching, which was perfectly complimented by catching up over wine and cheese.Oscars

Liz found a new buddy in the process.  Prince was not shy about marching right on up to her and didn’t move from her lap for the duration of the evening!  Thank goodness she was such a good sport about it!  #thatshowyouknowshesagoodfriendOscars 2February was great and was full of cozy evenings cuddled on the couch.  But I have to say I’m excited for March to begin and I’m definitely ready for warmer weather.  Planning two beach vacations will do that to a girl.  It will also make her start going to the gym more in anticipation of bikini season…zumba anyone?


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