Football Confession Time

I have a confession.  And it’s shameful.  Here it goes.  I didn’t know what teams were playing in the Super Bowl until this past Saturday.  (Picture me hanging my head.)

Now, to those that have known me for some time, like my parents, my sister, my besties and my husband, this isn’t very surprising news. They would probably laugh and shake their heads but not be all that shocked.

However, for Scott’s friends who are still getting to know the true depth of my girly-ness, they were shocked.  It came out on Saturday at a bar with some of our NYC friends.  Someone asked who I was rooting for in the Super Bowl.

My response?  “Oh! We know what teams are playing in the Super Bowl?”

There was a lot of staring.  I actually heard someone lean over to Scott and whisper in shock and awe, “Did that just happen?”

Yes. Yes, it did happen.

I suppose they are just surprised because last year I was up to date on the NFL happenings AND at this point last year I had hosted a playoffs party and was busy sending out emails about what everyone could bring to my Super Bowl party.  So they thought Scott had landed himself a wife who was with it.

There’s one big difference between 2012 and 2013, my friends.  And they are called the New York Football Giants.  They got kicked out early in the playoffs and then all of a sudden Sunday afternoons were for West Wing marathons and not football in the Fitzgerald household.  And lets be honest, if Scott isn’t keeping me informed about football, I’m not exactly seeking that information out on my own!

Sigh.  I suppose I’ve brought shame to the Fitzgerald name.  So who am I rooting for?

I remember the 49ers coach from watching him last year and he seems mean.

Growing up in Northern Virginia (aka Redskins land) I don’t have much love for the Ravens.

So. I will be rooting for the half time show and the yummy food!

Please still be my friend!

6 thoughts on “Football Confession Time

  1. I’d like to make an amendment to the above blog post and even more proof of my lovely wife’s girly-ness. The Giants unfortunately did not even make the playoffs this year, while those rascals from DC did!

  2. You guys are too funny!! If it makes you feel any better, I’m considering the game to be the Vineyards versus the Murderer who got away….clearly I’m cheering for the Vineyards near San Fran/Napa, but I really don’t care at this point. I just hope the commercials are good, and Beyonce rocks it like Madonna did last year! 🙂

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