Christmas in January

We had the Fitzgerald Family Christmas last weekend.  It was nice to see each other after spending Christmas with all of the “in-laws” so to speak.  Lets be honest, it’s mostly for these little guys! IMG_4912

I love Liam’s little serious face!  (And that peek of a chubby thigh – pants were optional, apparently).  Who loves his button up and argyle combo?  That’s an Aunt Rebecca special 😉


Avery is still in full Princess mode, which I love.  IMG_4910Between me taking photos for the blog and the proud parents capturing the kids antics, there’s always lots of paparazzi-ing going on.

IMG_4914Speaking of kiddos…there will be another one joining the clan this Spring!



And Nanny Fitz made sure the new little one will be properly outfitted in both Giants (G-men!) and Jets (ppphhhhht) gear.

IMG_4907“A Fitzgerald is always prepared for St. Patrick’s day, Liam.  You must learn this early, young grasshopper.”

IMG_4927Of course, the grown ups got in on the action too!  We do Secret Santa to keep costs manageable and to keep things interesting.

IMG_4923My brother-in-law was my Secret Santa this year and here are my gifts!  I was pretty specific in my wish list – which paid out in dividends!  I got the Young House Love book (!).  So excited!  I had also been hankering for a beautiful wood cutting board to use for serving (mainly cheese, naturally).  Look at this Martha Stewart beauty!  I felt spoiled rotten and so grateful.

IMG_4921It was fun extending the Christmas cheer for a month.  But I think my in-laws were grateful to finally take the tree down. 🙂

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