Birthday Celebrating

Y’all!  I had an event last week and it just completely took over my life!  So this is EXTREMELY late, but…I had a lovely birthday.  As we’ve started year number two in New York, its hard not to compare to last year, when I was a New York baby.  I had just started my job and found out that I shared a birthday with one of my coworkers. So she obviously had seniority over me, a veteran of one week.  So our birthday celebration was skewed to her direction, as it should!  But it meant red bean, green tea, and lychee flavored ice cream cake.  She’s a bit of a free spirit.

But THIS year, we joined forces and had wine and cheese for me and fruit for her!  Woo for shared birthday interests 🙂photo-140

Birthday Girls

After work, some special people joined us for a delicious birthday dinner at my favorite neighborhood restaurant.  I broke out the sparkles, because I can!


I usually just have wine and cheese when I go to this restaurant, but we all got to splurge and get pasta.  I had the truffle gnocchi.  Three of us got it and we all died of sheer happiness.


After dinner it was on to a night of dancing with the whole crew.  Another notable difference between last year and this year?

This guy!

IMG_4881He was out of town last year, so we were both pretty pumped he was around this year.  Him making me breakfast and DJ-ing Whitney Houston for me while I got ready made it even better than I had expected!  But it was just best to have him with me.


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