Georgia State of Mind

The day after Christmas, Scott and I packed up and drove down to Savannah, Georgia!  We enjoyed our time for just the two of us on our anniversary trip so much, we planned this as our “pre-busy season vacay.”

We drove through a torrential downpour and a 9 hour trip took 11.  No matter!  We prevailed, stopped for North Carolina barbecue for lunch and arrived at our beee-autiful hotel in time for a night cap at the bar before enjoying our glorious room.  We stayed at The Bohemian, a Marriott property on the river front.  I’m a hospitality snob, as I’ve said before and this room made me quite happy.  There was a (faux) fur draped elegantly across the foot of our bed and velvet drapery separating the bathroom area from the rest of the room.  Enough said.

Lucky for us, we woke up the next day to a bright, sunshine-y day in Savannah. All the better to enjoy the Spanish moss in all of the squares.

We were good little tourists and hopped on the trolley tour of Historic Savannah.


This is the capital building and the dome is plated in 24 carat gold.  Apparently it is worth more than the building itself (or it was when it was built…ahem, I really did pay attention on the tour, I promise).

Touristing was hard, so we rewarded ourselves with quite the delicious lunch.  We had to walk a ways through some questionable areas of town to get there, but it had great reviews.

Here is my beef brisket, collards and fried pickles.  Fried pickles are my favorite!  Oh yes and corn bread.IMG_4796

Scott had a half rack of ribs, fried okra and mac ‘n’ cheese.IMG_4797

I think he enjoyed it.  Notice he didn’t really mess with anything but the ribs!IMG_4798


Ahem, I got the cider.  I am so not hard core.

After lunch we explored some areas of the city on foot.  This is the fountain in Forsythe Park.IMG_4803

Isn’t this little garden statue so “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil?”  That movie was filmed in Savannah and its quite the big deal there.  Other famous movies filmed there?  The bench scene in Forrest Gump!  You know, when he tells his life story to the little old woman?  It was filmed in one of the many squares there.  Also, Something to Talk About.  Scott and I had a beer at the British pub where Julia Roberts caught Dennis Quaid with another woman.  Scandalous.IMG_4806

This was in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Catholic churches certainly can be beautiful.IMG_4815


Their nativity scene was too cute not to share.  The stable was about 5 feet tall, but the entire scene was probably about 15-20 feet long and so intricately detailed.  IMG_4820

Look, even little mice were celebrating Jesus’ birth!IMG_4822

This wall of tombstones was in the cemetery.  During one of the wars…Revolutionary…Civil… (there I go, being the perfect model tourist again) soldiers had to set up camp in the cemetery.  Being the belligerent men that they were, they kicked and defiled countless graves.  When the soldiers finally left, the citizens didn’t know how to match tombstones with graves.  The solution was to put the headstones all along the back wall.  It’s quite sad how much of the wall was covered and how many graves are left unmarked.IMG_4826


We finished our day off by watching the sunset on the rooftop terrace of our hotel.IMG_4832

And then we restaurant hopped!  We had a bite to eat everywhere we went.  This was our final stop and we split paella.   See that painting to my right?  Yeah, it fell on my head.  Didn’t get anything comped either!  IMG_4834

And then! The next day was our shopping day!  Wooo!

This was at the Paris Market.  I wanted to buy most of the store and redo our apartment from ceiling to floor, but I settled for a pretty, swirly, pearl-y “F” ornament.  I’m keeping it for Christmas, but it could potentially stay out all year if I wanted it to.

BTW, that is a large chalkboard in the back left with a cute fireplace scene drawn on.

We also found a great interior design/custom furniture store.  And apparently alligator is in. As in, alligator heads and alligator skins.  One skin (I must use italics for skin every time, it’s that creepy) was a table runner!  I wouldn’t be able to eat off of that table setting, let me tell

In the afternoon, we went to Tybee Island, aka Savannah’s beach.  We climbed all 178 steps of the Tybee lighthouse.  I think that might be where Scott dreamed up his plan to make us join a gym in 2013…photo-139

There was a lovely view from the top.  But I got out the door and my fear of heights kicked in.  I didn’t get very far.  I pointed the camera in a few random directions and hoped one of the pictures came out.IMG_4843

Then I got a death grip on Scott, slowly pivoted around so he could get this picture and I hightailed it back inside.IMG_4846

After the lighthouse we walked down to the beach to stick our toes in the sand.IMG_4854

I actually loved Tybee.  Cute little houses and a 20 minute drive from Savannah?  I think it would be an awesome place to vacation in the summer.  Too bad it’s so dang far from New York!IMG_4862

Looking slightly more relaxed than atop the light house!IMG_4859

The rest of our evening was spent walking along the river front, restaurant hopping and watching the Virginia Tech game.  Things got a little heated, because Scott forgot that he is a Spokie (spouse of a Hokie).  He started saying “we” and “us” when referring to Rutgers.  I don’t care that it was one ugly game (which VT thankfully won).  He is married to a Hokie and always will be.  He had to be reminded several times who the “good guys” were and to get back in line. Hmmph.


Not to confuse anyone, however, we had a great evening.  Which ended in watching a band back at our hotel’s rooftop bar.  They played blues with classic rock and some New Orleans style thrown in.  Their harmonica player proved that you can absolutely rock out with your whole body while playing the harmonica.  Who knew?

Scott and I are Savannah fans.  I wish we lived closer, because I would love to go back in the warmer weather. Maybe one day.  In the mean time, I’m so so glad to have a husband who pushes me outside of my “sweat pants on the couch” mentality and gets me to go have adventures with him!  It always works out well and I get to do things like put my feet in the ocean in December.  Love you, Scott!

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