And So This is Christmas

Whoa, I’m late.  Like other blogs have already posted not only their Christmas photos, but also their resolutions!  Oh well!

Scott and I were gone for over a week, which meant that we had to bring the kitten-baby with us.  I would have been so sad to think of him home alone on Christmas, but we didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone to check in on him for that long.  So Prince went with us on all legs of our trip to Virginia, including taxis, Penn Station, New Jersey Transit and the car ride.  We spent the first night of our journey at my in-laws where Prince adapted pretty darn well to “Nanny and Pop Pop’s.”  He fit right in and even somehow got to play the Game for Cats on Nanny’s iPad. So spoiled.

It’s a good thing that he was comfortable and the Scott’s parents were so flexible and welcoming.  Because Scott got incredibly sick while we were there and we ended up spending an extra, unplanned day in New Jersey so he could recuperate.  You can tell Prince was just as comfortable here as anywhere. And just as concerned for Scott as we all

Luckily, Scott was able to travel the next day and off to Virginia we went!  Speaking of the Prince, he made so much progress with mean, “Auntie Em,” as we affectionately call my family cat, Emily.  She was NONE to pleased to see him, but they went from stand offs to sleeping in the same chair over the course of the week.  It was a Christmas miracle!

It was so nice to be back in my childhood home for Christmas.  The tree looked just like it always did, decked out in gold and angels.IMG_4673

And Megan and I shook up and spied on the presents just like we always did.IMG_4667

Since we had lost a day, we weren’t able to see friends like I had hoped.  I was still able to see most of my favorites, even if it was just sneaking 15 minutes here or an hour there.  At one point I had two of my besties, one of their husbands and one of their daughters all standing in my kitchen.  So what if it only lasted 15 minutes?  My heart was so happy just being with my people, laughing and hugging and catching up.  The reunions lasted into the Christmas Eve service that evening.  I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures, but suffice it to say that I have such wonderful friends and I miss them terribly.

After church back at our old home, Portico (love!), we had our now-tradition of taking family photos by the tree.  And I even got to have my little family of 3 together this year 🙂IMG_4681

Mom and Dad – so adorable.  I’m loving this.Mom and Dad

Here we all are!

And at Megan’s request – we took an “Awkward Family Photo.”  I don’t think we quite qualify for this infamous website, but it made us all laugh pretty hard.  I think Prince and Megan make the whole picture.IMG_4707

Scott informed me and mom that he doesn’t need the traditional Christmas Eve new set of pajamas.  He got Glenfiddich instead.  I need to seriously rethink my stance on new PJs.
Christmas scenesChristmas morning!!  Look at all the happy kids!





Scott got a helicopter – it’s that blur in the upper right hand corner of the photo…Prince was entranced and terrified all at the same time.IMG_4730

Our little Christmas afternoon schmorgasbord and martinis.  Please notice “my” seat.  I can’t leave it for one second without the child jumping into it!  IMG_4764

This is my “I got my martini first and no one has assigned me any tasks in the kitchen” face.Martini Collage

We had a lovely time being together on Christmas.  I love that Scott fits right in as if he’s always been there.  He teases my sister, takes his turn “playing Santa” (delivering presents), and lets us have our unique and quirky Christmas traditions.IMG_4778

All in all, I’d say it was a rather wonderful, successful Christmas time with family and friends.  We were quite blessed materially, but it wasn’t even about that.  This year, I felt as if I was really understanding the “true meaning of Christmas,” as cheesy as that saying sounds.  I’ve always known, of course, but I just felt it differently this year.  I felt the anticipation of our Lord’s birth. I felt the weight of what it meant for a King to lower himself to be born as a baby.  And I celebrated, worshiped and was so grateful. IMG_4774So there’s our merry little Christmas!


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