It’s Been Awhile…and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, y’all!  Scott and I had a quieter than expected New Year’s Eve, but it was really nice all the same.  All of our guests came down with the flu and cancelled last minute, so we had an abundance of food and libations.  And although I was super bummed, I kept a running list of the benefits in my head all day so that I didn’t mope.  Not putting on makeup/curling my hair and not having to clean the apartment were the highest on my list!  I’m just glad I got to ring in 2013 with my husband while curled up on the couch in my yoga pants.  How about you?

So I took a bit of a blogging hiatus in December.  It wasn’t intentional, I just never seemed to find the time to sit down and blog since I was so busy just…doing.  Here are a few scenes from the lost month of December.

Scott and I hosted a small Christmas party for some special couples from our community group.  I meet about every other week with these ladies for a Bible study and we wanted to include our men for a change!  We had a great evening and I got my Martha Stewart on – with cranberry filled ice cubes and all.  Oh, and Prince was the belle of the ball as always!

Christmas PartyI also had my work Christmas party (Scott did too, but there are no pictures that I’m privy to).  We got all dressed up, which I loved!

IMG_4626It’s safe to say we had a good time.

IMG_4627We also had a lovely Saturday celebrating “New York at Christmas time” with the Fitzgeralds.  We saw some of the city’s best trees (my favorite was the one in the parlor of the New York Public Library) and ended up at a great, little wine bar called Ardesia on the West side.  Its owned by a Rumson, NJ native and I highly recommend it.  They had a fantastic wine list with knowledgeable servers (ours was from Blacskburg!), the food was divine and the decor was very cool (chalkboard walls and a balcony with a walkway for the wine display?!).  That’s high praise of the trifecta from a hospitality major.

Fitz Visit

Scott and my Christmas shopping took us to the Toys R Us in Times Square.  Holy board games, Bat Man!

We also had some nice, cozy evenings at home by the

And I really enjoyed New York City all dressed up for the Christmas season.  I like the smaller parts of the city I see on my commute as opposed to the craziness of the tourist traps.Christmas ScenesAnd all of the shop windows were gorgeous.  My favorite displays were ones that had quaint little “vignettes” from the North Pole or other Christmas-y locales.  Who knew Santa had a collie?

photo-130Back soon with photos and stories from our Christmas break and mini-vacation to Savannah, GA!


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