Christmas Time in the City

Last weekend, which seems like an eternity ago, my sweet parents came to visit us from some New York Christmas time cheer.  We had a night in when they first arrived, so we would have energy for our very full day on Saturday.  We started the day by going to Eataly.  I’ve been hearing about this place forever, but it was our first time going.  And it’s official.  I’m in love.

Look at the desserts!



And the fresh, handmade pasta!IMG_4566

Mmm and the beautiful produce.IMG_4567

There’s a restaurant in each department.  Pasta near the fresh pasta counter, a vegetarian restaurant near the produce, and so on.  The men sweetly secured a table and ordered us a selection of meats and cheeses when they got tired of following Mom and I around.  There was a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing.IMG_4568

Yum. Yum yum yum.


All that was left a short time later- ricotta and wierd spotty bologna tasting stuff.  I believe those two pieces were supposed to be mine.  I reverted to a five year old not willing to try new things when it came to that stuff.

Then it was upstairs to the Northern Italian restaurant.  I had prosecco, thank you very much.  And a lot of it too – apparently they don’t use champagne glasses in Northern Italy?IMG_4577

Dad trying a 60 Minute (90 Minute?) IPA from Dog Fish Head brewery.  It’s Scott’s favorite and he strongly suggested Dad try it.


Mom and I split the most delicious chicken ever.  Scott and Dad got sausage, of course.  The food was indeed phenomenal.  However, we had all wanted to eat pasta, but the wait was 45 minutes.  And we couldn’t wait because we had a show to catch!


The Radio City Rockettes!  Mom and Dad treated us to tickets.   I really like this tradition we are starting, Mom!  We are two for two seeing a show when you come visit 🙂

Who doesn’t love a ginormous, SPARKLY chandelier shaped like a Christmas tree!?


This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Rockettes.  Which meant that in addition to the traditional dances they did a spotlight of the styles, milestones and costumes through the decades, complete with time-appropriate music.  I think that was my favorite part.  Mom liked the Toy Soldier the best.  Dad liked The Twelve Days of Christmas because it was a tap number (which I also thoroughly enjoyed).  I think Scott liked that there was no intermission so when the lights came up he was in the clear!

Here they are as reindeer.


Radio City is HUGE inside.  And they don’t keep the lights and action to the stage.  When the lights dimmed to signal the start of the show, the whole place lit up as if you were inside of a snow globe.  So cool.

And heeeeeere’s Santa, our MC.  All of the kids in the audience when CRA-ZY whenever he came onstage.  I’m talking cheering and dancing in their seats.


But all four of us agreed, our favorite part by far was the ending, when they read the Christmas story and created a live nativity onstage.  Christ definitely seems to have been removed from Christmas, at least commercially and especially in New York City.  So this was a breath of fresh air.  The music was beautiful and the scene was quite breathtaking.  There’s a live camel – how could it not be?IMG_4593

From Radio City, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to see the tree at Rock Center.  So we did.  The plan was to see some Christmas windows from that point, but the crowds were a bit…prohibitive.  IMG_4597

So after a quick pose, we stopped by the New York Pulic Library and then did some shopping.IMG_4600

Mom got a great deal on TWO new sets of boots.  Lucky lady.  We then had a deeee-licious Mediterranean meze dinner at Beyoglu on the upper East.


After church the next day, Mom and Dad partook of the grand New York tradition of brunching before they had to catch their bus home.

We had a lovely time.  Thank you for being willing to make the trip up to stay in our small apartment with us!  It was a perfect pre-cursor to Christmas with the whole family back together (I’m looking at you, Megan).


One thought on “Christmas Time in the City

  1. A few things: take me to Eataly. I don’t care how long we wait for pasta. I’m there as long as it takes. Also, that just looks like a darn lovely time with your parents. And then, teach me how to tie the scarf like that. I fail every time I try.

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