Late Show with David Letterman

Yesterday afternoon, Scott and I got to go to a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman!

IMG_4608We aren’t really die hard fans of any late night show because we are usually in bed.  Or Scott is asleep and I am reading.  But we had the chance to get tickets through his work and we figured it was a great opportunity and we weren’t going to pass it up!

We showed up at 2:00 pm and waited in line.  Even while waiting in line the pages are already getting you pumped up, trying to get you excited and keep your energy up.


When we got up to pick up our tickets, the young gentleman (all of the pages were definitely 25 or younger and had energy for daaaays) asked us a few questions about ourselves.  He scribbled something on a ticket and we were then sorted into two different groups.  We noticed that we were in a much smaller group of people and then were taken back outside by a very lovely, pretty page.  Oh yes, this is our friend, Fallon!  We know her through church and she is in our community group.  I don’t know if she planned it this way, but we were always in “her” group.  So Fallon took us outside and informed our small group that we had been selected to be “Audience Leaders” seated in the first three rows!!!  Whaaaa?  So exciting!

Hi Fallon!


So we got our first of several pep talks and had to show off our ability to be excited and get loud.  We had about a half hour to kill so we decided the best use of time would be to get coffee – we apparently had a big job to get excited.  Caffeine was a must.

We came back at the specified time and were brought into an inner lobby.  We got to watch Fallon in action some more, complete with standing on a chair and using a fanny pack mic system (she didn’t need it – she was excited enough to be heard without it!).  We learned that whistling, cat calling and “wooo”-ing are not ok but belly laughter and clapping are the way to go.  Fallon did such a great job of getting the crowd pumped up and she was pretty darn funny in her own right.  And she reminded us of something very important.  We were in the Ed Sullivan Theater – some great acts have gone through there – including Elvis and The Beatles.  And of course, the Biebs.

When we finally got to go into the theater, we were led directly to the. front. row.  OMG. We were all giggly like little kids and were gushing about how lucky we were.  And I’m an extra lucky girl, because Scott took the seat behind the camera man so I would have the better view.  And then switched again with me (during a commercial break, of course) when the camera man changed positions and blocked my view of Anne Hathaway.

Oh yes! Anne Hathaway was the main guest and she is just as beautiful as you think.  And she is so tall and willow-y.  And she could walk in those stilettos like no one’s business.  Don’t you hate seeing girls teetering around in shoes they can’t handle?  She was fun to watch during commercial breaks, because she loosened up and grooved to the band.  You can tell she takes her job seriously because she would straighten up and get professional when she got the cue we were recording again.

Anne Hathaway

Johnny Manziel delivered the Top Ten List: Top Ten Perks of Winning the Heisman Trophy.  He’s ADORABLE.  Scott was just as excited about him as I was about Anne Hathaway.

The final guest was Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl).  I think the “smaller” guests are usually a hit or miss whether you know/like them.  I happen to love New Girl and am hoping, waiting and  wishing for Jess and Nick to get together.  I was rather excited.  And he is funny!  It makes me like him even more!  This was his first big interview/show and he took his time walking off stage.  He stopped and scanned the audience and waved and I SWEAR he looked and waved at me.  I made sure to wave back.

The musical guest was the Marine Chamber Orchestra.  I secretly was disappointed by this since how cool would it have been if it had been a band that is actually on the radio?!  But they were phenomenal.  They played Sleigh Ride and did such a good job.  It sounded just like the recording you heard all the time growing up.

A few other interesting things:

  • The floor looks blue but it actually is black – and they are buffing it up until just before the show.
  • The Ed Sullivan Theater is small.
  • The band plays the entire time during commercials and for a few songs prior to the show (gotta keep the crowds energy up!).
  • There is no laugh track to be played – the audience provides all of the laughing/clapping.
  • Even though the show isn’t technically recorded live, they still break for commercials as if it were live.
  • There is an informational video which is played when you first find your seat.  Alec Baldwin is the MC.
  • There is a warm up comedian and he was awesome.
  • Dave comes out for a minute or two before recording to chat with the crowd.  He sets himself up for jokes he later does on the air, which is why we are laughing at things in the first few moments that don’t seem like they are actually funny.
  • There are lights, cameras and microphones everywhere!  The microphones were every few feet in the audience.

So fun!  If you have the chance, I’d definitely recommend going to a taping of a show.


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