A Very Merry Wedding

Last weekend we were able to celebrate the wedding of our very dear friends, Stu and Leslie.

The whole weekend was just warm, glowy and full of love. Being that the wedding was in December, Christmas trees, twinkle lights, and plaid straight from Scotland set the tone for the celebration.

Both the bride and groom went to Scott’s high school, but were several years apart.  So it was a bit strange for Scott’s friends (the “older” kids) to think about seeing all of the kids two years younger in a social setting – especially so long after graduating from high school.  Case in point – Scott walking one of his best friend’s little sister down the aisle.  Hi Sarah!  It was actually a lot of fun. Scott is so well-trained.  I wasn’t even the one working my camera at this point (I was on Flip duty for my father in law) and Scott knew exactly where to strike his pose.


Here is the absolutely beautiful bride.  She had “the bridal glow” as her mother-in-law said.  Leslie married into “The Brotherhood” just like I did and we’ve become good friends over the past few years, especially since Scott and I made the move to NYC.  So I didn’t feel like I was only at Scott’s friend’s wedding, but was so happy to be there for BOTH the bride and groom.  I love those sort of weddings!IMG_4425

My photos are by no means professional or great quality, but I love this moment of Leslie looking at Stu.  The priest welcomed everyone by saying that he had never seen a groom waiting so intently and with such purpose for his bride.  Apparently, Stu took up his position and stayed there for quite some time before the wedding.  It’s easy to see why. 🙂  IMG_4430

Here they are as husband and wife!

Then it was time for a little country clubbing – I mean, celebrating.  Let me tell you, the country club where the reception was held was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  It was gorgeous and the staff and the service lived up to the “Rebecca Standard.”  Two thumbs up.

Here we are!  I decided to go ahead and “opt in” to the Black Tie Optional part of the invitation.  I mean, Scott was in a tux, so why not match him?  I wore a Badgley Mischka black sequin number.  It was so fun!  And doesn’t Scott pull off the plaid bow tie well?  He’s so handsome.


What really made my night was seeing Christian, one of the groomsmen from our wedding, wearing the cufflinks we gave as a groomsman gift!  Couple that with two (count them, TWO) of my bridesmaids re-wearing their dresses from my wedding (and getting compliments on them) and I was a happy little former bride.  I think you could also call that a “wife.”

This is me and Millie, my mother in law.


Look at the lovely ladies!  I think we all embraced the chance to wear long dresses, since this opportunity doesn’t come around all that often anymore.  Is it strange to miss prom just a little?


And then this happened.


I loved all of the winter-y warm and toasty details.  Like the birch branch place card holder which I may or may not have put in my purse after taking this picture…


If I can make a list of the fictional additional weddings I will have (with Scott) in the future, add a Christmas one to the mix.  What a beautiful backdrop twinkle lights and evergreen make!


For two people who don’t enjoy having so many pairs of eyes on them, they did an absolutely beautiful job with their first dance.  Completely stunning.


After the sweet first dance, everyone took to the dance floor.  IMG_4491

There were some serious characters in the crowd and everyone had an amazing time.  Just look at Leslie in that dress!  It fit like a glove.


The band didn’t hurt, either.  They were a Bruce Springsteen cover band.  Did I mention that the wedding was in New Jersey and the guest list was comprised of about 90% New Jersey natives?  Yeah, the Bruce was a big hit.  We literally couldn’t leave the dance floor because every song demanded we stay and rock out.


Scott taking the dance circle by storm with Millie.IMG_4499

They did pretty well, until these two took the floor and tore it up with some “Footloose” style moves!  (That’s me and my father in law, in case you can’t tell).IMG_4503

And a Bruce medley wouldn’t be complete without a few Dancing in the Dark moves a la Courtney Cox.

Oh my, I love these girls!  Lets be neighbors and have kids at the same time, ok??  I volunteer to take all the kiddos to the beach all summer while you two nurse it up 🙂Three Girls

Oh man.  Showing off the cumberbunds.


I think I’ve mentioned a time or two what a wonderful group of friends Scott has.  Well it’s all thanks to these ladies.  It’s not a great quality photo but this is our men with their mommas.  Pretty special to have them all together in one room, celebrating one of their own.


We all had such a wonderful time.  When the only complaint is that you don’t want to leave – I’d say the wedding is a success!

Leslie and Stu, welcome to the married club.  It’s pretty great.  We’re so blessed by you both!  Love, Rebecca and Scott.



4 thoughts on “A Very Merry Wedding

  1. Holy moly that dress is amazing and you wear it well 🙂 Looks like a lot of fun. I’ve added a Christmas wedding to my “if we ever did it again…” list, too 🙂

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