Order from Chaos

Hello Friends!  It’s been pretty quiet over here.  Life is chugging along as normal, so between that and traveling for work, I just haven’t had much to report!

However, I am quite happy to report that I finally found an entertainment/media center that fit our very strict size constraints AND fit both Scott’s and my aesthetic.   That is pretty hard to do.  AND I had a coupon.  We got it from World Market and I had received an email code for 25% off.  So I asked Scott if we could get it while he was in the shower (I tend to run purchases by him then – I find I usually get the answer I want.  It might be evil). I got the go ahead and I pounced.

First, let me show you the area before.  You see it there under the TV beyond the amazing Michael Jackson dance moves?

That’s a radiator cover acting as the media console.  It had a lovely neighbor as well – yes, a college style set of plastic drawers.  Shudder.

Here is another view.  In my excitement to get the new media center set up, I forgot to take a good photo of the “before.”

But here she is!

I don’t even care about the bad, late night lighting. She’s a beauty.

There’s still the mess of cords, but that can’t really be helped.  The space just feels SOOO much more put-together now.

And it gave me a chance to decorate and create this little fall vignette.  Yay.

Next thing to go – the Eiffel Tower lamp.  It will go into storage just in case I have a little girl and get a hankering to, say, spray paint it white and put a frilly pink lamp shade on it.  But it will do for us for now.  This media center is a HUGE victory.  Big.  HUGE.  It’s been on my list since Day 1, so I’ve waited a long 13 months for this bad boy.  Big sigh of contentment.

Just add it to the long list of things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season!


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