Adventures in Voting and our Lovely Little Weekend

I have to start by saying that I am SO glad my husband made me go with him to the polls this morning (rather than letting me go later in the morning or after work.)  Getting there at 7:30 am, we still had an hour and a half wait.  Not to get into the building, but actually waiting at our district’s table to get our ballot.  When we left at 9:00 am the line to get into the building was around the block.  I felt so grateful we at least avoided that!  This blog is not a soap box, nor is it a forum for me to complain.  But let me just say that the debacle that was our volunteer situation made Scott and I hot to trot to volunteer next year!

Unlike our voting experience, this past weekend was quite lovely.  We found out late in the week that our weekend visitor, Maria, wasn’t going to be able to come up since her work trip was cancelled due to Sandy.  So we didn’t have much planned, but it worked out perfectly.

Scott got invited to attend the Knicks vs. Miami Heat game on Friday.  A lot of seats had opened up, since many folks with tickets couldn’t make it into the city.  The lucky boy got to hang out in the company box!

He was rather excited for someone who had just told me a few days ago that he wasn’t a big basketball fan.  Just goes to show you boys like sports. Period.

While he was out, I got together with my friend, Karla.  We hadn’t seen each other in ages and we went to a packed Turkish restaurant, Beyoglu.  We had the best time – if  a restaurant is packed in New York City, you know its good!  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys meze.  We decided to split a bunch of small plates.  We may have ordered a dish or two too many, although I’m not complaining.  Oh and I tried (and enjoyed) octopus!  Whaaa?

While Scott was busy Saturday afternoon, I took a walk across the park to my own personal mecca, aka, TJ Maxx and Michaels in one place.  The park was in better shape than I expected, although there were a few downed trees.  This poor guy was destroyed.

It was so sad to see.  This shows you how bad the wind was during the storm.

But I do love Central Park.  It was a beautiful day to stroll through.

The rest of the weekend was full of hot apple cider (with some rum), friends, and glitter!  Cue the Alleluia chorus.  The five year old inside of me is in heaven.

Oh yes, and did I mention food?  Scott and I went college style and went to a diner for some late night munchies on Saturday.  I don’t think I’ve done that since I lived in Blacksburg!  It felt so indulgent and it was phenomenal.

On Sunday, I made spinach and artichoke pasta for my Giant-watching husband on Sunday night.  It didn’t quite fit into Scott’s request for healthier meals, but oh my, it was delicious!

The Giants didn’t fare so well, but Scott and I loved spending time together but also getting out of the house and doing our own thing.  It was perfect balance.


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