I Really Do Love New York

So I am so sad to see it hurting.  I think it’s fitting that I write a little love letter to post some love photos of our home for the last year.

One year ago today, on Halloween, Scott and I were packing up the last of our belongings into a U-Haul truck and making the move to New York City.  I can’t tell you how many times we heard Thriller on the drive up, being that it was Halloween.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

I wasn’t sure about New York at first.  I heard about how difficult it can be to live here.  I had nightmares that everyone was rich and had great clothes and would judge me for my Tar-jay purchases.  I thought everyone would be mean.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  New Yorkers are tough – they take care of themselves and their loved ones – but they are not mean.  They are also pretty tough critics – but as someone who has been accused of having high standards for both myself and others, I totally get that mindset.  I think it just explains why all of the restaurants here are awesome.  Only the best survive!  And I’ve learned that fashion is relative and everyone here has their own unique take on it.  So my sparkles and hot pink are just fine as far as everyone here is concerned.

Anyways, I was thinking recently about the fact that I often take pictures of the city on our random adventures, but they don’t often make it into the post I write later on.  Some do, but others don’t.  So here are some of my favorites of the city that has been the background (and a major player) in our first year of marriage.

I think this is just beautiful – the juxtaposition of the concrete jungle against the scenery of Central Park.

Super Bowl Champs!  Not that we’re proud or anything…

Lady Liberty.

I ❤ New York.  And Scott – it’s been a great year!  Cheers to year number two in the best city ever.


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