Well, we survived Frankenstorm.  I hope everyone out there is doing alright.  It sounds like most everyone we know is safe, but some property was damaged or ruined.  Especially for those that live in New Jersey.  We avoided losing power and even the majority of the rain.  The wind was the worst of it.  Our fence has seen better days…


Poor, stick-y little fence.  We are so grateful that we were not in a flood zone.  It could have been bad – a heavy rain produces inches of standing water in our backyard, so we were really nervous.  It was scary being on the first floor, that is for sure.  Our hearts go out to those that were in the flood zones and are dealing with damage and loss.



We are on day two of working at home due to closed offices.  Luckily we had a stocked fridge (and the power didn’t go out, big sigh of relief).  So I used my bit of extra time to try new recipes that took more time than I typically care to invest in dinner on an average weeknight.

Like these lovelies I found via Pinterest.  It was my first time making anything bread-related from scratch, and it wasn’t bad!  I was actually quite impressed with myself and Scott ate three.  Oh and the house smelled ahhh-mazing.  However, Scott would like to point out that, no, I did not actually grind up wheat, etc. so I didn’t exactly make them from scratch.  Details.




Oh yes, and this little critter has been most happy to have BOTH of his parents home.  He’s gotten a lot more iPad as well as cuddle action.


Thank you to all of our family and friends that checked in on us over the past few days.  We love you all!


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