The Electronic Age

You know you live in the electronic age when your cat is technologically savvy.  Savvy may be an overstatement, but go with me.  We have officially bought the most expensive cat toy (the iPad).  I heard about the app, “Game for Cats,” and we decided to give it a try.

Prince luurves it.  There is a mouse version and a laser pointer version.  Let me just say that he never gets as excited for a real life laser pointer or toy mouse as he does for the ones on the game!  He sees the little mouse flicker across the screen and lets out a war cry (it’s quite ferocious, as you would imagine) and pounces and bats and tries to bite the thing until we have to cut him off.  We can’t even pick up the iPad now without him sitting up a little straighter and trying to peek to see if the mouse is there.


And now poor Scott has to deal with this every time he tried to use the iPad.  Which is all the time.  (I love that the computer is basically mine now…mwahaha).


Apparently Prince is into reading about the election?  Who knew our cat went for the Wall Street Journal?


Or does he think Obama looks like the mouse from his game?  Who can say?


And it doesn’t stop there.  Prince spent a good portion of our last Skype date with my parents sitting like this, watching them.  It was kind of cute!

We feel like we are putting our kid in front of a TV when we let him play with the iPad, but he just enjoys it so much!  Luckily, he does still perk up when he hears me pick up one of his toys, so he won’t become a cat couch potato just yet.

Happy Friday!


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