Rainy Day Musings

Yay, it’s Friday!  Let me just start there, because that, my friends, is worth celebrating.

Second, it is absolutely pouring in New York today.  And as usually seems to happen, the raining turned into downpouring when I decided to step outside to make the (long) walk to the Subway.  It happened today.  It happened the other week when I had a certain Prince to carry to the vet.  Nothing makes carrying a heavy, howling cat more pleasant than struggling to hold an umbrella up at the same time!

It wasn’t pleasant for me either, mom.  Geez.

But I’m not complaining.  We found a good vet which is a praise.  And that vet found our friends Rick and Dana a kitten!  Bigger praise!  And the Subway was actually working today and wasn’t that crowded, which is always a start to a good day.

Earlier this week, I came up to my usual Subway stop and saw a mass of humanity blocking my way.  Surely, this is some sort of tourist trick, right?  A bus is picking up here, perhaps?  I usually see the Jitney in this general area…

No such luck.  I noticed that the massive crowds were coming up out of the Subway…uh oh.  And they were all clearly New Yorkers, not tourists.  Bigger uh oh.  Come to find out, there was no. downtown. train. service.

Can that even happen?  Is it allowed?!?

Apparently so!  I expect it from other metropolitan transportation systems, but not from my trusty New York Subway!  The bus stop lines had reached historic proportions at this point, so I decided walking was my best option.  It’s not a bad walk, about 32 blocks and 5 avenues.  But it certainly takes more time than I had planned.  But it was the perfect fall morning; sunny and brisk.  The kind of morning that makes you want apple cider and football.  And I was above ground so I had full Internet access on my iPhone.  Score.

I made most of the trek down Park Avenue, because it’s Park Avenue.  And it’s seemed the least crowded.  But it still has plenty of foot traffic.  So much so that they set up a traffic director complete with a waving orange flag on the sidewalk near a construction site…just for people walking by.  I had to laugh that he didn’t say a word as he waved me by with his orange flag, as if he couldn’t have just said, “It’s safe,” or “Come on,” or “Boogie on by!”

All of this to say, I thanked Jesus this morning that the Subways were working, and that He saw fit to stop downtown train service on a beautiful fall morning, rather than on the day of torrential downpours.

Have a great weekend!


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