Our Anniversary Celebration

It’s official.  We made it to one full year of marriage!  To celebrate, Scott and I went back to where it all started – both our relationship and our marriage – Newport, Rhode Island.

New York sent us off in style, though.  It has slowly but surely wormed its way into our hearts.

We stayed at our first New England style Bed and Breakfast.  The food was delicious and while our room was tiny (it was named The Snuggery for a reason), it’s spiral staircase was quite charming.

Let me tell you, I could get used to freshly prepared breakfast every morning.  This particular morning, Scott and I split the omelet and the french toast.  It was phenomenal.  I couldn’t even restrain myself from taking a bite before I tried to get the perfect picture!  Oh well, this is a more accurate depiction of breakfast anyways.

Oh and the coffee…they warmed the mugs on a griddle every morning.  It was divine.  I think I like being pampered.

And how cute is this idea?  Anyone else want one in their living room at Christmas time?

On Saturday, we spent the day walking around Newport.  There is one store that is always closed whenever we try to stop in.  And of course, it has the most perfect “Martha Stewart meets Jackie O at Hyannis Port” window display, so it’s always a major disappointment that I haven’t been able to stop in yet.  I’m talking big time pouting.  But oh happy day!  They were open!

I didn’t buy anything, to Scott’s joy, but it was fantastic window shopping.  And when I DO have a house, I’m confident we’ll have an item or two from this store.

But then, it was time for the real reason we came.  (Besides to celebrate ourselves, of course.)  The Seafood Festival!  Our wedding started at 5:30 pm so our guests had the day to enjoy in Newport.  Many of them ended up at the festival and we kept hearing about how amazing it was.  That just added to my list of why I neeeeded to go back to Newport for our first anniversary weekend.

This hot lobster roll was worth it, all by itself.  I must confess that I’ve never understood the draw of lobster rolls.  I love lobster.  I adore it.  I’ve eaten two in one sitting on numerous occasions (I’m looking at you, my dear cousin, Jennifer!).

But yes, I love lobster.  But I just never got the appeal of lobster rolls.  Why would you try to make lobster the same way you make canned tuna!?

But this.  Oh this sandwich.  They basically pulled out all of the good stuff, soaked it in butter in a crock pot and then put it on a buttery toasted roll.  And then I  took a bite and died happy.  THIS is the sort of lobster roll I can get on board with!

These are one of our favorite appetizers – stuffed quahogs or “Stuffies.”

We also had a delectable fish taco, shrimp and pumpkin rangoons, crab cakes and hush puppies. I. Was. Stuffed.

Scott made a frenemy with the worlds largest lobster.  He claims he saw it’s mouth opening and closing as it looked at him.  It was a race to see who could eat the other first, apparently.

The beer of Rhode Island…Scott always has to get a Newport Storm when we are in town.

Everything was so autumnal and festive.

We discovered a little lobster bar we never knew existed.  It’s at the back of a wharf, built over the water.  You literally have to walk through a seafood market with tanks of live lobsters and fish on ice to get to this little, rustic, salty sea dog-esque bar.

See? Here are some of the live lobstahs.  For reference. the smaller lobster is the size you can order at a restaurant.  That was one HUGE crustacean.

Oh yes, and we got to enjoy live music as well.

All in all, it was a very relaxing afternoon.

The next day we went to a local winery for a tasting and a tour.  The last tasting I did was in France and it was a bit of an experience.  So I was surprised how quickly this tasting went!

We did find two nice whites to bring home with us.

And then we were off on the tour.

It was so serene and lovely.  It was enough to make me want to move somewhere and buy a winery just so I could walk down the rows of grapes and find a spot to snuggle up and read a book.

Each grape variety grows in a different way.  These reds only grew in a neat, straight line on one level, whereas some of the whites were wild and crazy with fruit all over the place.

This particular vineyard, Greenvale Vineyards, was settled on the bank of the Sakonnet River.  May I move in tomorrow, please?

I wish we had a picnic blanket, some cheese and an open bottle of wine.

But wait, who is that?

Why, it’s Burberry and Macintosh, the friendly vineyard pets!  They weren’t nearly as excited to see me as I was to see them.

“No pictures, please.”

They were monstrous!  And lethargic.  But pretty darn cool, in my opinion.  Their breed is from the Scottish Highlands, so no need to worry about them in the New England winters, which are more mild than what they are used to.  I hope I never consider a New England winter mild.

We did a pretty fair job of doing activities that we both liked or trading off if something was more to my liking than Scott’s and vice versa.  The vineyard was definitely more for me.  So we then went to a bar to watch the Giants for Scott.

Buffalo chicken dip and beer.  Perfect compliment to an afternoon of vineyard touring.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos from our evenings out.  We treated ourselves to drinks at all of our special places.  The first evening, we sat by the fireplace at 41 North, the hotel where we spent our wedding night.  I had champagne, Scott had scotch and we talked about our wedding and just about our first year of being married.

The next night, we had to stop at Castle Hill Inn for drinks before we went to our “fancy” anniversary dinner.  I had champagne, Scott had scotch.  We are nothing if not consistent.  Then we tried a new (to us) French restaurant, Bouchard, for dinner.  I think it will be a challenge for us to go anywhere else from now on.  It was that good.

Everything about it was lovely – and I’m a picky Hospitality and Tourism Management major.  The white tablecloths, the knowledgeable waiters in tuxedos, the murals of the south of France.  I felt so comfortable and welcome…and fancy!  It’s not often this girl wears heels anymore.  They just don’t make sense in New York.  Oh and I wore my wedding day earrings, which added a dash of bling and fanciness as well.  I love having a reason to get dressed up!

And the food.  Oh, the food.   I had blue cheese mousse for my appetizer and the restuffed lobster with scallops, truffle oil and Gruyere for my entree.  The lobster and scallops were cooked to perfection.

We sadly had to return to real life on Monday morning, which happened to be our actual anniversary.  We got home and set right to cleaning the apartment and doing laundry.  I’m glad my bridal self didn’t know how my “actual” anniversary would be spent, because I’m sure I would have had a conniption fit.  But our weekend was just perfect so I didn’t mind the cleaning and just spending the day in my home with Scott.  Especially because we stopped to dance to our first dance song, “Crazy Love,” right in the midst of it all.

Oh yes!  And yet another reason we went to Newport – our Anniversary Cake!  At our bakery, they serve your top layer of your wedding cake and offer you a free, fresh Anniversary Cake in your wedding cake flavor!

We had two options – chocolate with raspberry and strawberries and champagne.  We decided to get the chocolate, since I’m married to a chocoholic.  I was trying to toast Scott with my apple cider.  He was too busy playing with his new toy/anniversary present.

Happy Anniversary, Scott!  Love you!


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